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The trend of geographical baby names seems to have been around forever, with some parents managing to get it right, and others seriously wrong.

So if you’re interested in giving your child-to-be a geographical name, how do you walk the line between timeless and trashy? Well, we want to explore that a little by going into the reasons you might choose a geographic baby name, and some ideas to get you started.

Geographical Baby Names: Reasons And Ideas | Stay At Home Mum

Why Choose A Geographical Baby Name?

There are lots of really good reasons for choosing a geographical baby name. You and your partner might want to celebrate the location where you met, got married, or did something else significant. You might also want to celebrate places that you’ve travelled to, or just a general feeling of wanderlust and love of exploration that you both share.

If that’s not the case, it might be that you want to hark back to your ancestral ties, honouring your roots with the name of your parents’ or grandparents’ origin city or country.

Of course, you might choose a geographical name simply because you like the way that it sounds, and the meaning is less important. This is totally ok too, and in the end, it comes down to what kind of name you had in mind, the sounds you like, and the wide variety of place names that are out there today.

Geographical Baby Names: Reasons And Ideas | Stay At Home Mum

Subtle vs Obvious

One thing you definitely want to think about if you’re considering a geographical baby name is if you want to go subtle, or really obvious. If you’ve chosen the name because you want to celebrate where you met your partner, or where your child was conceived, or something else that is really close to your heart, an obvious name is a cool idea. It provides an easy starting conversation for you that centres on your child, and something fun for your child to remember about themselves, except when they’re a teenager and they don’t want to hear that conception story one more time.

Alternatively, if you’re just choosing a name because you like the way it sounds, or the location it represents, subtle names can be a lovely alternative. They’re not openly screaming of geography, but they’re still connected to the world.

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