Hottest Boys Names Predictions for 2017What's HOT in Baby Names in 2017

2017 Is Here!  And it is a very interesting year in the world of new (or old made new again) Baby Names!

With television and movies making more of a impact on baby names more now than in any other time, 2017 will be the year of the ‘Game of Throne’ baby.  Old school names are also going to be popular – but not the ones you might think!

Here are Stay at Home Mum’s 2017 predictions for the Hottest Boys Names!

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Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Breath or Vigour

Abel was presumably derived from the name ‘Hevel’ who was borne by the son of Adam but Killed by his brother Caine. The name was given in popularity from the Christendom during the Middle Ages when there was a cult that was ‘suffering innocence’. Abel is an old-fashioned but timeless name.

Famous Justices include:

  • Abel Hernandaz (soccer player)
  • Abel Margo (Pop Singer)
  • Abel Tasman (First European to name Tasmania)



Origin: Scottish/ Greek

Meaning: Mans Defender or Protector

The name Alastair is a derivative of ‘Alasdair’. This is a unique though pleasant name with a noble meaning. It is popular in many western countries and is considered a diverse name.

Famous Alastair’s Include:

  • Alastair Bray (Australian Soccer Player)
  • Alastair Cook (English Cricketer)
  • Alastair Clarkson (Head Coach of Hawthorne)
  • Alastair Appleton (British TV Host from Escape to the Country)

Alastair Appleton from Escape to the Country
Alastair Appleton from Escape to the Country


Origin: Scottish, Northern English

Meaning: ‘Man’ or ‘Manly’

Anderson meaning the son of Anders/ Andrew, which is associated with the Patron Saint of Scotland and the servant of St. Andrew. Anderson can be shortened to many different variations.



Origin: German

Meaning: ‘True and Bold’

Scottish interpretation meaning the ‘Bald’ which is referred to from the shaven head of a monk. The name Archie was first introduced during the time of the northern conquest. This is a popular name now in modern generations and is quite quirky.

Famous Archie’s include:

  • Archie Bradley (American Baseball Player)
  • Archie Panjabi (British Actress)
  • Archie Shepp (Jazz Saxophonist)



Origin: Greek

Meaning: ‘To Endure’

The name atlas is from a titan derived from Greek mythology as he was punished by Zeus to endure being forced to support all of heaven upon his shoulders. This name has an interesting meaning and backstory to how the name was founded and spread across the continent.

Famous uses of the name Atlas

  • Charles Atlas (Athlete)
  • Atlas Mountain (South Africa)



Origin: German

Meaning: ‘Eagle Power;

The Arnold from Greek Mythology was a musician who was a member of the court of Charlemagne. When the name was introduced to Britain it was in the form of Arnaud. Over time the variations of Anaud developed into Arnold which has become a popular and masculine name.

Famous Arnold’s Include:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (Actor)
  • Arnold Voloo (Actor)
  • Arnold Children’sildrens Author)


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Dignity, Vulnerable, Majestic

Derived from the Medieval time in the form of Augustine. Austin is an extremely popular name with a nice tone to it. The name can be a unisex name but is mostly given to boys.

Famous Uses of the Name Austin Include:

  • Austin Healey is a famous British Sport Car
  • Austin is the Capital of the State of Texas


Origin: German

Meaning: ‘Dear Friend’

Bear is derived from the name Bernard. Usually used as a nickname or shortened from middle names. This name is usually used from the traits of the mammal the bear, Strong with heart. This is a friendly and gentle name.

Famous Bear’s:

  • Bear Grylls (Adventurer)
  • Jamie Bear Oliver (Chef)
  • Bear Blaize (Kate Winslet’s Baby)

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