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Origin: American

Meaning: The colour Blue

The name Blue has been used mostly throughout American babies, the meaning behind the name is usually associated with the color blue such as; Calm and Peaceful, are the most common reasons people use this name.

Famous Blue’s:

  • Blue Ivy Carter (Beyonces Daughter)
  • Blue Evans (Musician)
  • Georgia Blue Nichols (Musician)



Origin: Hindu

Meaning: Awakened or Enlightenment

Bodhi is derived from a Buddhist concept of spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life. Bodhi is also the name of a Sacred ficus tree which the Lord Buddha sat beneath to obtain enlightenment.

Famous Bodhi’s:

  • Bodhi Elfman (Actor)
  • Bodhi Schulz (Actor)
  • Bodhi was the character played by Patrick Swayze in Point Break



Origin: Welsh

Meaning: ‘Raven’

Bran derives from the welsh legend ‘Bran the Blessed’ who was the son of Lly the god. Welsh legends also called him the King of Britain who was defeated during the attack upon Ireland.

Famous Bran’s Include:

    • Bran (Town in Romania)
    • Strath Bran (Town)



Origin: English

Meaning: Family from the Lord Of The Manor

This name is derived from a family surname used and found in Stafford Shire but has now developed to being used as a first name in England.

Famous Brantford’s:

  • Brantford (Town in England)



Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Beautiful or Fair

Many meanings for the name Caine state the place name is unrelated to the biblical Cain. Others state the name is derived of ‘Cath’ which is Gaelic and means battle.

Famous Caine’s:

  • Caine is a character from the series Supernatural.



Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: ‘Heart’ or ‘All of’

In the Old testament one of the of the twelve spies was named Caleb when sent to Canaan by Moses. Caleb was one of only 3 who made it to the promise land. This is now a very modernly used name.

Famous Caleb’s Include:

  • Caleb Shomo (Singer)
  • Caleb Walker (Actor)
  • Caleb Reynolds (Country Singer)



Origin: English

Meaning: ‘My cover is God’ or ‘Shield of God;

Derived from Cassiel which translates “my cover is god”, Castiel is given domain over certain hours over each Thursday as he is the angel of temperance. This is a unique name with an interesting meaning.

Famous Castiel’s:

  • Castiel Winchester (Actor)
  • Castiel is the infamous angel character in Supernatural.

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