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Origin: English

Meaning: Fortress or Camp

This name is derived from Chester which was a surname originated to identify people from the city of Chester in England. This shortened version is a sturdy name for a baby boy.

Famous Chet’s:

  • Chet Allen (Actor)
  • Chet Faker is an Aussie Music Artist
  • Chet Atkins (Country Guitarist)


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: ‘God is my Strength’ or ‘Messenger of God’

Derived from the name Gabriel, who was a biblical archangel. In Islamic tradition he was the angel who dictated the Qur’an to Muhammed. Now in modern times it is a popular European name and around western countries.

Famous Gabe’s Include:

  • Gabriel Bryne (Actor)
  • Gabriel Macht (Actor)
  • Gabe Saporta (Musician)



Origin: French

Meaning: Anglicization of de Chiel

The name Dashiell derives from the French surname de Cheil. This name was used throughout Scotland then to England. This name can be shortened to Dash, which is quite a lovely name.

Famous Dashiell’s Include:

  • Dashiell Cooper (Alice Coopers Son)
  • Dashiell Hammet (Writer)
  • Dashiell Wolf (Actor)



Origin: English

Meaning: ‘One who dyes’ or ‘Right-handed, skilled’

Dexter means to be right handed, dexterous, favorable, this name was derived from the English surname Dexter. It is also known to be a name that is opposed to sinister. Dexter can be shortened to Dex as well.

Famous Dexter’s:

    • Dexter Manning (Youtuber)
    • Dexter Morgan is the main character from the series ‘Dexter’ and a serial killer who kills bad people.
    • Dexter Darden (Actor)
    • Dexter Fowler (Baseballer)



Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Ascend

Eligh is derived from the name Eli. The Old Testament states the priest Eli was the one who cared for the prophet of Samuel. Eligh is used moderately in modern times now.

Famous Eligh’s:

  • Eligh Nachowitz (Rapper)
  • Eligh Williams (Famous Gympie Soccer Goalie)



Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Helper

Ezra was known as a religious performer according to the Old Testament. This has been a used name in the English-speaking world since the Protestant Reformation.

Famous Ezra’s:

  • Ezra Pound (Journalist)
  • Ezra Laderman (composer)
  • Ezra Stoller (Photographer)



Origin: Irish

Meaning: Fair

Finn is derived from warrior followers named Finians who followed the irish “Robin Hood” Finn Mac Cumhail in the 3rd century. It can also be derived from Finnlason. This name became popular after a character from Glee was named Finn.

Famous Finn’s:

  • Finn Dossing (Soccer Player)
  • Finn Willy Sorenson (Soccer Player)
  • Owen Wilson called his son ‘Finn Wilson’



Origin: English

Meaning: Born near outcrop of flint

In the English meaning of Flint it is associated with the flint stone which produces a spark of fire when struck by steel. This is a strong name.

Famous Flint’s:

  • Flint Bedrock (rapper)
  • Flint Rasmussen (Country Player)



Origin: English

Meaning: River Crossing

The Shakespeare meaning of Ford is The Merry Wives of Windsor, A gentleman of Windsor.



Origin: English

Meaning: Peaceful Ruler

Many Kings, Rulers and Emperors have the given name of Frederick as it is a continental name. This name was mostly popular throughout the whole Europe.

Famous Frederick’s:

  • Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark
  • Frederick Law Olmsted (Writer)
  • Frederick Patterson (Entrepreneur)



Origin: English

Meaning: Son of Hudde

This name is from Medievel times but as a modern now name it is known as a gender- neutral/ Hipster themed name.

Famous Hudson’s Include:

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