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Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Rose, Flower or Descending

This name is known through a close descendant of Adam form the Old Testament. It has been used from the time of the Protestant Reformation. Now it is a very commonly given name.

Famous Jared’s:

  • Jared Leto (Actor)
  • Jared Paradelcki (Star of the Series, Supernatural)
  • Jared Allen (football player)


Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: Gracious

Derived from Jens which is the Danish short from of Johannes. Jenson means son of Jens.

Famous Jensen’s Include:

  • Jensen Ackles (Actor)
  • Jensen Atwood (Actor)
  • Jensen Daggett (Actress)


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: From the Wetlands

Derived from the name Cada, it is also considered a short from of the English word Cade which means pet or domestic animal. Which is why the nickname would have been given to someone who is gentle and loving.

Famous Kade’s Include:

  • Kade Wise (Actor)
  • Kaden Leos (Actor)
  • Kader Nouni (Actor)



Origin: Greek

Meaning: ‘Pier of a harbour’

Kai is a name used popularly around the world, In Burmese Kai means Strong or Unbreakable. In Hawaiian Kai means ocean water. There are many different derivatives and meanings to this name.

Famous Kai’s Include:

  • Kai Altair (Musician)
  • Kai Bird (Journalist)
  • Kai Eide (Diplomat)



Origin: English

Meaning: The Town Of Cynsige’s People

This name comes from the famous Kensington Palace which was built in the village of Kensington in 1605. This name is unisex and used throughout Europe, Great Britain in particular.

Famous Uses of Kensington:

  • Kensington (English Town)



Origin: Irish

Meaning: Little King

This name derives from the name Cian which is known as the name of the 11th century high king’s son in law of the Irish. Some meanings find old soul, ancient king and essence as other name meanings of Kyan.

Famous Kyan’s Include:

  • Kyan Douglas (TV Show Host)



Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Hollow

Logan is known as a place name, as many towns and suburbs are known to have this name. It is also derived from the Scottish Gaelic lagan which means lag and therefore translated as hollow.

Famous Logan:

  • Logan Bailey (Football Star)
  • Logan Lerman (Actor)
  • Logan Miller (Actor)



Origin: European

Meaning: To Break

This name derives from the Norse Legend Loki who was a trickster but also the god of fire and magic. He was known to have turned evil in time and chained by the other gods to a rock. This name can be pronounced differently.

Famous Loki’s

  • Tom Hiddleston played the character Loki in the latest Marvel movies.



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