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Origin: English

Meaning: ‘To Make’

This name is traditionally a French last name from the stone workers of the middle ages. Mason is now a popular name.

Famous Mason’s Include:

  • Mason Raymond (Ice Hockey Player)
  • Mason Plumlee (Basketball)
  • Mason Adams (Actor)


Origin: French

Meaning: Power

Montgomery is a name from an ancient castle of Saint Foi de Montgomery in France. It can also be shortened to Monty.

Famous Montgomery’s:

  • Montgomery Blair (Government Official)
  • Montgomery Burns is the thin multi-millionaire in the long running series of The Simpsons.


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Son of the servant Mary

The English meaning for Morrison is Dark-Skinned, A Moor or Maurice. The Anglicized Irish meaning is ‘Descendant of Muirgheas”. This is a unique name as it is mostly found in surnames.

Famous Morrisons’s include:


Origin: Irish

Meaning: ‘Son of a Champion’

Nelson really means (‘Son of Neil’ – which started as ‘O’Neill’ – and Nelson is a derivative of that name.  Nelson was a popular first name in the 14th Century, but has only been popular in the last 100 years as a surname.  With surnames becoming popular as first names, we think Nelson will see a big resurgence in popularity in 2017.

Famous People Called Nelson:

  • Nelson Mandella (Peace Activist and Politician)
  • Nelson Eddy (Actor and Singer)
  • Nelson Cruz (Baseball Player)



Origin: Spanish, Italian

Meaning: ‘Famous Land’

Orlando is a twist from the name ‘Roland’ which was popular in Italy. This name became well known from the famous Orlando Bloom.

Famous People, Places and Uses of Orlando:

  • Orlando Bloom (hottie actor from the Lord of the Rings)
  • Orlando was a character from Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’.
  • Orlando is a city in Florida (USA)



Origin: English, German or Irish

Meaning: ‘Mischievous Spirit’

The name Puck originated from Shakespeare. It is popular as both a boys or girls name. This is another name that became more popular after a character from the Glee series.

Famous People Or Places Called Puck:

  • Shakespearean play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ had a character called ‘Puck’


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