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Origin: English

Meaning: ‘Wild Garlic Island’ or ‘Strong Island’

Ramsey became a popular name recently with the appearance of the baddie Ramsey Bolton on ‘Game of Thrones’. Game of Thrones names are so popular at the moment!



Origin: English

Meaning ‘From the Raven Farm’

Remington has been a popular name for girls in the past, but this has definitely shifted in the last few years. This can also be shortened to Remi.

Famous Justices:

  • Eliphalet Remington



Origin: Irish

Meaning: Kingly

Rian is known to mean ‘little king’ as it is an old ancient Irish name. The variant for this name is Ryan which is a very popular name now in modern times. The spelling of this name is unique therefore not many other babies have it.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: A large Creek, Flowing mass of water

River is a gender neutral name that represents nature, spring and also thanksgiving. It is another peaceful name.

Famous People or Places Called River:

  • River Pheonix (Popular movie star who died from a drug overdose)
  • River Rose Blackstock (Kelly Clarksons baby)


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Romanus, Of Rome

Roman is a name used to represent ‘a citizen of the roman empire’. This name is actually quite popular for boys, it is thought of as a noble name.

Famous Roman’s Include:

  • Roman Reigns (Actor)
  • Roman Royale (Model)
  • Roman Kemp (Actor)


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Peace

The variant for Pax is ‘Paz’ which is the unisex version of Paxton. This name is described as unusual and suprising. The English meaning for pax is ‘From the Peacful Farm’.

Famous Justices:

  • Pax Pitt (Brad and Angelina’s son)
  • Pax Prentiss (Actor)



Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Name of God, God has heard

Sam is a shortened version of Samuel or Samson. Samuel was known as a judge from the Old Testament and was known to have anointed Saul to the first King of Israel. Sam is a now common and very much liked name.

Famous Sam’s Include:

  • Samuel L. Jackson (Actor/Producer)
  • Sammy Hagar (Guitarist)
  • Sam Huff (Football Star)



Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Cuts timber, Woodcutter

The name Sawyer is known from the immortal Tom Sawyer who has a warm heart and an eye for mischief, this name is also known to have a preppy type ring to it.

Famous Sawyer’s:

    • Sawyer was a character in the TV Series, Lost, played by Josh Holloway
    • Sawyer Hartman (Musician)
    • Sawyer Fulton (Wrestler)

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