Hottest Girls Name Predictions of 2017Are you due in 2017 with a girl?

2017 is going to be a very interesting year in the world of Baby Names.

With more and more parents naming their children after their favourite tv show, names from the good book or spelling something just a bit left of centre, 2017 is going to be big for old school names with class!

The following are Stay at Home Mum’s predictions for new baby girls born in Australia to be named in the year 2017.

Hottest Girls Name Predictions for 2017 | Stay at Home Mum


Origin:  English, German

Meaning:  ‘My Father is Pure Joy’

Abigail is the name of Nabal’s wife in the bible.  Biblical names have always been popular, and 2017 will be no different!

Famous people named Abigail:

  • Abigail Adams (First lady to President John Adams)
  • Abbie Cornish (Aussie Actress)
  • Abigail Breslin (American child actress)


Origin: German, Polish

Meaning:  Ada is a shortened form of Abigail which means ‘My Father is Pure Joy’.

The very first ‘Ada’ was the Countess of Lovelace, a daughter of Lord Byron.  She was an assistant to the mathematics genius, Charles Babbage who invented one of the first mechanical computers.

Famous people called Ada:

  • Ada Nicodemou (Aussie Actress from Home & Away)
  • Ada Brown (American Blues Singer)
  • Ada Maris (American Actress)


Origin: French

Meaning:  Is a variant name of ‘Adele’ and means ‘To be a noble one’

Based on the old French name ‘Adela’ and ‘Adele’, the name was founded from a Saint Adela who was a 7th Century Frankish Princess who founded a monastery in France. The name has become popular since the release of the 2015 movie ‘The Age of Adaline’ starring Blake Lively.  Even though the spelling is different in the movie, Adeline is the traditional spelling of the name.

Famous people called Adeline:

  • Adeline Andre (French Fashion Designer)
  • Adeline Kerrar (Infielder and Catcher in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League)
  • Adeline Miller (Famous American Madam and Prostitute)


Origin: Middle Eastern and African Origins

Meaning:  ‘Aspirational’.  It also means ‘Peace’ in Swahili.

The name was popularised through the rise of musician ‘Amani’ from Kenya.  The name is also a character in the Star Wars franchise making it a popular choice for children born in 2017. Not to be confused with the fashion brand, Armani.


Origin: Russian, Hebrew, Polish

Meaning: ‘Gracious’ or ‘Bringing Goodness to All’.  In Hungarian, the name means ‘Mother’

Anya is a variation on the traditional name ‘Anna’.  It is also quite often spelt with a ‘J’ (Anja) which is a very popular name in Croatia, Norway, Germany and Sweden.

Famous Anya’s include:

  • Anya Hindmarch (a British fashion designer)
  • Anya Lahiri (A British singer)
  • Anya Seton (an author of historical romances)
  • Anya Taranda (an American model)


Origin: Indian, Persian

Meaning: ‘Noble Goddess’ In Hebrew the name means ‘Lioness’

Game of Thrones Names continues to be huge in 2017, with Arya being one of the most popular.  It was traditionally a name given to boys but has become popular in females in the last 20 years.

Famous people called ‘Arya’ include:

  • Arya Stark (kick-ass character from Game of Thrones)
  • Arya Aditya (Guitarist)
  • Arya Babbar (Actor)


Origin: Somalian, Russian, Greek

Meaning: ‘Truth and Order’

Asha is a village in the Famagusta District of Cypress and a town in the Chelyabinsk Oblast district of Russia.  The name first became popular in the 1950’s after the release of a movie ‘Asha’, a Hindi film.  Asha is also a main character in the TV Series, ‘Outsourced’.

Famous Asha’s include:

  • Asha Bhosle (Indian Singer)
  • Asha Negi (TV Actress)
  • Asha Kosh (Youtube Star)

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