Hottest Girls Name Predictions of 2017Are you due in 2017 with a girl?


Origin: Hebrew, Irish, French

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Meaning: ‘Brielle’ is a variation on the name ‘Gabrielle’.  It means ‘A closed area’.  Alternative meaning is ‘Hunting Grounds’

It is also the name of a seaport in the Western Netherlands.

Famous Brielle’s include:

  • Brielle Barbusca (TV Actress)
  • Brielle Lacosta (model)
  • Brielle Von Hugel (Pop Singer)


Origin: Greek

Meaning: ‘The Sound of Thunder’

Although this name has been around for decades, when surnames became popular in the 2010’s, the popular novel  ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Charlotte Bronte and the popularity of the ‘Bronte sisters’ made this a popular name.  When the name was first used, it was pronounced ‘Brun-tee’.  Thank goodness that has changed in recent years.

Famous Bronte’s include:

  • Emily, Charlotte and Anne Bronte (the Bronte Sisters)
  • Bronte Barratt (Aussie Swimmer)



Origin: Irish

Pronunciation:  ‘Kear ah’ in Ireland.  In the United States it is pronounced ‘Key – Arr- Ahhh’

Meaning:  ‘Saint’ or ‘Dark-haired’

Ciara is an Irish name and a variation on the male name ‘Ciaran’ (usually spelt Kieran in Australia).  St Ciara was a prominent figure in seventh-century Ireland and established a monastery in the Kilkeary in County Tipperary.  It was one of the most popular girl’s names in 2006, and we predict it will be one of the top names in 2017!

Famous Ciara’s include:

  • Ciara (the R & B singer without a surname)
  • Ciara Sexton (Dancer)
  • Constance McCormack (Soccer Player)
  • Ciara Bravo (TV Actress)


Origin: English, Latin

Meaning:  “With Purpose and Consistency’

Another name that is steeped in history, with historical names making a huge comeback in 2017.  Constance was the daughter of William the Conquerer (first King of England).  It was also a popular character in Gossip Girl.  A variation on the name is ‘Connie’.

Famous people called ‘Constance’ include:

  • Constance Zimmer (USA Actress)
  • Constance Hall (Perth based blogger)
  • Constance Keen (Pianist)


Origin: Greek

Meaning: ‘Maiden’

The name Cora was first made popular in the 1826 book ‘The Last of the Mohicans’.   Cora was also the name of the daughter of Zeus.  It has been a popular name since the 1880’s, but with the wonderful character of Cora Crawley in Downton Abbey, the name has had a popular resurgence. Cora is also a shortened form of the name ‘Cordelia’ or ‘Coraline’.  The names ‘Corinne’, ‘Coralie’ and ‘Clara’ are also derivatives of the name Cora.

Famous People Called Cora:

  • Cora Pearl (English-French Cortesan)
  • Cora Walton (American Gospel Singer)
  • Cora Corre (English Model and Grandaughter of Vivienne Westwood)


Origin: English

Meaning: Named after the flower

Dairy is thought to be a pet name for girls named ‘Margaret’.  The name became popular after the use in the song called ‘A Bicycle Built For Two’.  Was also the name used for the Kitchen Maid in Downton Abbey.

Famous People Called Daisy:

  • Daisy Lowe (Model)
  • Daisy Ridley (Actress)
  • Daisy Fuentes (TV Actress and Fit Lady from the TV Ad)
  • Daisy Bates (Civil Rights Leader)


Origin: French, English

Meaning:  Industrious and Hard-Working

Emmeline is a variation on the name ‘Amelia’.  The Normans introduced this name to early England.  Emmeline was also the infamous name of the charcter portrayed by a young Brooke Shields in ‘The Blue Lagoon’. It was also the name of a witch in the Harry Potter series.

Famous People Called Emmeline:

  • Emmeline Pankhurst (Famous British Suffragette)
  • Emmeline Ndongue (French Olympic Basketball Player)
  • Emmeline Bale (daughter of Welsh Actor Christian Bale)


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning:  ‘Life’ or ‘To Breath’

Eve is a biblical name, which has been popular for millennia.  Eve is reputed to be the first female formed from a rib from Adam.

Famous Eve’s Include:

  • Eve (Rapper from the United States)
  • Eve Torres (Wrestler)
  • Eve Hewson (Movie Star)


Origin: English

Meaning:  ‘A Green Plant That Loves Shade’

Fern is one of those old style baby names that isn’t as common or popular as the usual ‘Rose’ or ‘Daisy’ names.  Although it has been around since the 1880’s, with old fashioned names that are left of centre again becoming popular, this is one to watch in 2017!

Famous Fern’s Include:

  • Fern Arable is the main character in the book ‘Charlotte’s Web’
  • Fern Holland (American Lawyer and human-rights activist)
  • Fern Michaels (Romance Novelist)

giphy (3)


Origin:  English, Norse

Pronounced: FRAY-AHH

Meaning:  ‘Of Noble Birth’ or ‘Noble Woman’

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Freya was the most beautiful of all the Norse Goddesses and was the Goddess of Fertility.

Famous Freya’s Include:

  • Freya Mathews (Australian philosopher and author)
  • Freya Mavor (TV Actress)
  • Freya Lim (Pop Singer)
  • Freya Van den Bossche (Politician)

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