Survey Reveals Names of Naughtiest KidsOh and of the nice ones too!

Survey Reveals Names of Naughtiest Kids

Do you remember when you were thinking about baby names for your child.  You dismissed ‘Craig’ or ‘Luke’ because you knew one at school, and they either made your life hell or you just didn’t like them.  Well it seems that Teachers feel exactly the same way about their students.

A survey by the My Nametags polled in the United Kingdom of 1500 teachers, parents and children, revealed the names that are most commonly associated with the shitty behaved kid in the class. Of course they also gave us the good kids names, but that isn’t nearly as fun.

CEO of My Nametags, Lars Anderson said:

“The results are an insight into society’s opinions of names”.

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My boys, their names should probably be on the naughty list….

Other findings by the survey included:

  • Grace is considered to be the shy one in the class
  • Charlie and Olivia are the most confident
  • Jacks are the mean ones to their classmates
  • Mias are mischievous
  • Ellas are just plain naughty!

The List of the Naughtiest Boy’s Names:

1. Jack

2. Harry

3. Charlie

4. Oliver

5. George

The List of the Naughtiest Girl’s Names:

1. Mia

2. Ella

3. Isabella

4. Amelia

5. Sophia

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The Best Behaved Boy’s Names:

1. Arthur

2. Noah

3. Oscar

4. Muhammad

5. Leo

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Nice Girl’s Names:

1. Isla

2. Ava

3. Grace

4. Olivia

5. Emily

If you are the parent of one of the naughty kid names – do you agree or disagree with the study?

Survey Reveals Names of Naughtiest Kids | Stay at Home Mum

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