104 Redneck Baby Names – Cue the Banjo!

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104 Redneck Baby Names – Cue the Banjo!

Redneck Baby Names – Bogan Baby Names if you are Living in Australia…

Because sometimes, we want our baby’s name to be unique, or classy. We also want it, sometimes, to be just the perfect name that reflects our patriotism and our love of the land….. There is a bit of redneck in all of us (even if you don’t want to admit it)….  What do you think of these names!

PS: Can you pick the books or movies the stories come from?

Table of Contents:

  1. List of Girl’s Redneck Baby Names
  2. List of Boy’s Redneck Baby Names
Redneck Baby Names
Redneck Onesie ‘Waiting for My Stash To Grow In’ from Etsy

List of Girl’s Redneck Baby Names


Amber is a fossilized tree resin that became popular as a name in the 19th century due to Forever Amber. It is not as sophisticated as the other gemstones, like ruby, jade, and pearl, but it is admired because of its natural beauty. It is one of those names that can be used by both genders.

About Amber:

Plus remember that bitch Amber from the Bold and the Beautiful??

Ambrosia "Amber" Moore, played by Adrienne Frantz | Bold and the beautiful, Adrienne frantz, Glamour

Ambrosia ‘Amber’ Moore played by actress Adrienne Frantz


Becky is mostly used as an abbreviation for Rebecca, which means ‘captivated’. It is of Hebrew origin and also means ‘servant of God’.

About Becky:

It also screams ‘I’m on welfare and living in Detroit’.


In French, Belle means ‘beautiful’. It is commonly being used as a short version of names containing ‘belle’ or ‘bella’. Perhaps one of the famous bearers of this name is the princess from the Beauty and the Beast.

About Belle:

Be the Belle of Ball in your camo ball gown!


Commonly, Betty is used as a nickname for those people whose names contain ‘beth’ or anything that sounds like it, like Elizabeth and Beatrice. But you can also use it as a given name. It means ‘worship to God’.

About Betty:

‘Hey Betty-Sue, go fetch Mamma’s prying bar…’.


This name is a combination of ‘Bobby’ and ‘Sue’. Bobby means ‘fame’ and is a variant of Robert. Sue, on the other hand, means ‘graceful lily’ and is a short form of Susan. Combining the two, this name means ‘famous lily’.

About Bobby-Sue:

Bobby-Sue probably has at least 10 sisters whose names would be Bobby-Ann, Bobby-Jane, Bobby,-Joe, Bobby-Jean, Billy-Sue, Sue-Anna, Anna-Mae, Sue-Ellen, Brittany and Karen.

Bobby-Sue’s little sister, Karen


Like Bobby-Sue, this is formed by merging ‘Bobby’ and ‘Jean’. Bobby is a name associated with ‘popularity’. Jean, moreover, is a feminine version of John. However, in most French-speaking countries, it is used for male and its female counterpart is Jeanne. It means ‘God is gracious’.

About Bobby-Jean:

Bobby-Jean likely has five brothers and six half-brothers. The brother’s names would be Wade, Wayne, Dwayne, Cletus, Colt, Dale and Bud. Bobby-Jean doesn’t know the rest of her brother’s names because she hasn’t met them.


A blend of Bobby and Joe, Bobby means ‘fame’ and Joe means ‘God shall add’, which is also usually given as a nickname for people whose names begin with ‘jo’.

About Bobby-Joe:

See Bobby-Sue.


Basically, the name Brandy was derived from the type of liquor that has 30-65% alcohol content. The liquor is very strong compared to the typical beer and wine, so if you want your child to be brawny, might as well consider this.

About Brandy:

Brandy has over-bleached blonde hair and tattoo that says ‘Brian’ on her lower back. She is on her third husband now but is in love with her cousin who lives in the trailer next door.


Brittany was derived from the name of the Roman Goddess of Protection, Britannia, which was also an important symbol of Great Britain. There’s not a lot of information about her existence but it’s said that Britannia was a powerful woman who loved peace.

About Brittany:

Brittany is a bottle blonde pregnant cheerleader who loves to chew gum. Her favourite drink is whiskey, straight and she smells like Impulse.


It’s just so lovely to meet someone whose name is filled with goodness, especially when his or her personality resembles it. Chastity is one of the virtue names. It means ‘purity’ and ‘innocence’.

About Chastity:

Chastity is anything but chaste. She has eight kids to 11 different fathers, boy-short black hair and is severely obese.


Crystal was derived from the clear and colorless glass ice of the same name. But it doesn’t mean that anyone who bears this name is fragile. Its Greek meaning is ‘follower of Christ’.

About Crystal:

Crystal is an aspiring country and western singer. Her Pa left her when she was two but she has loads of step-daddies.


When you think of this name, you’ll think of flowers. Daisy means ‘day’s eye’ and was actually derived from the flower of the same name. It gives a cheerful, innocent, and pure feeling because it’s associated with ‘sunny day’.

About Daisy:

Daisy lives in a converted shipping container in a compound.  She is foul-mouthed and sassy and likes to take advantage of tourists.

Jessica Simpson on the Never-Ending Body 'Scrutiny' |

Jessica Simpson’s ‘Daisy’ from Dukes of Hazzard


In Greek mythology, Daphne was turned into a ‘laurel tree’ by her father Peneus, the God of River, to be able to get away or hide from Apollo who was developing a love interest towards her. This is the name of one of the main fictional characters from Scooby-Doo.

About Daphne:

Daphne is a Grand-Mumma now. She first became a Granny at age 28, which was a record for her street!


Darlene is a feminine name that means ‘darling’ or ‘beloved’. This is a very sweet name for a person. Darlene Conley, an American actress, and Darlene Conner, a fictional character played by Sarah Gilbert, were bearers of this name.

About Darlene:

Darlene has no teeth because her no-good ex-husband knocked them out when he was blind rotten drunk on home-made goon.


Dixie simply means ‘ten’. Traditionally, this name is being given to the tenth child. However, nowadays, you can also give this to anyone, even to the first born. This sort of has a magical aura because of its similarity with the word ‘pixie’, a mythical creature.

About Dixie:

Dixie doesn’t like wearing shoes, but her job as a waitress at the local truck-stop insists she wears them. She makes extra money by selling pot to truckers in the carpark.


Dolly means ‘gift of God’. It is a name that has a childlike ambience into it because of the word ‘doll’. Nonetheless, in Spanish, it is associated with ‘pain’ and ‘sorrow’. How contradicting, right?

About Dolly:

Dolly is a mean-ass manager of a caravan park in Denver. She used to be a junkie but she found love with Wayne who only lets her shoot up on birthdays and at Christmas.


Emmy means ‘hardworking’, ‘industrious’, and ‘universal’. Lou, on the other hand, means ‘renowned warrior’. These two, when combined, will lead to a very powerful name.

About Emmy-Lou:

Emmy-Lou has been a waitress at the local cafe for nearly 30 years now. Her botched abortion when she was 14 means she ain’t had no kids, but when her sister died she inherited her five boys.


Ensley became popular in the year 2011 and it means ‘one’s own meadow’. It is also a city in the United States. Notable bearers include Ensley Carpenter and Ensley Bingham.

About Ensley:

Ensley was a foster child in the projects. She was one of the lucky ones.  She now fosters a tribe of kids to pay back the community that helped her so much.


Fannie is an English name that means ‘free’. Fannie Hillsmith, Fannie Nampeyo, and Fannie Moody, all an artist, were bearers of this name.

About Fannie:

Fannie got pregnant by her sister’s husband, Logan, because he had a well-paying job and she knew she could milk him for child support for the next 18 years.  Fannie’s sister Heaven still doesn’t speak to her. Fannie doesn’t care.


Francine originated from France and means ‘from France’ and ‘free’. In Latin, it means ‘beautiful flower’. Two of those people who carry this name are Francine York and Francine Drescher.

About Francine:

Francine is the illegitimate daughter of the local pastor. The whole town knows it, but it doesn’t stop her from fooling around with her half brother in the school locker room during lunch.


Janice is an extended version of ‘Jane’, which means ‘God’s gracious gift’. One bearer of this name is the fictional Janice Hosenstein from the popular American sitcom Friends, which was portrayed by Maggie Wheeler.

About Janice:

Janice has one daughter and will never get married again.  Men are no good. Janice prefers women but is too embarrassed to ‘Come out’ so has become a bitter old sexually frustrated woman who wears overalls and wellington boots.


Joanna, in the New Testament, was known as the wife of Chuza and an associate of Mary Magdalene who had accompanied Jesus and his apostles on their journey. It means ‘God is gracious’ or ‘God’s gift’. Joanna Cassidy bears this name.

About Joanna:

Joanna works in the local saloon as a bar-maid.  Even though she is nearly fifty now, she still has fantastic legs and knows how to make the best of her assets.  She likes to take the young fella’s around the back for a ‘quick ride’ when the bar is slow, just so she know’s she still has it!


The name Jolene has been associated with ‘being a mistress’ due to the song of Dolly Parton entitled Jolene. Jolene was a waitress who Dolly believed was stealing her man. Nevertheless, the name won’t make anyone a mistress! Jolene means ‘God will increase’. In French, moreover, it means ‘pretty’.

About Jolene:

Jolene works as a nurses aide in the local hospice.  She has dreams of adding a touch of cyanide to the patient’s food, just to see what will happen.


When you hear ‘Liberty’, more often than not, the United States will come to your mind. The meaning of the name Liberty is ‘freedom’. It is a patriotic name as it is associated with the Statue of Liberty. Liberty Ross bears this name.

About Liberty:

Liberty does all of the beauty pageants, just like her Mumma did, and her Grand-Mumma before her.  Although she isn’t as beautiful as the other contestants, she does well as she adds laxatives to the pretty girl’s drinks when they aren’t looking.


Linda basically means ‘lime’ or linden tree’. In Spanish, it means ‘beautiful’. In German, it means ‘tender soft’. This is used as a nickname for ‘Belinda’ or ‘Melinda’. Some people who carry this name include Linda Cardellini, Linda Hamilton, and Linda Blair.

About Linda:

Linda likes to sing at her local church. She cleans the houses of ‘fancy ladies’ on the other side of town.  She likes to try on their lingerie when she is vacuuming to feel special. She doesn’t wash them before putting them back.


This can be a short version of ‘Linda’ but can also be standalone. This is also usually a part of the first name. Lynn means ‘lake’, ‘ruddy-complected’, and ‘cascade’. One American actress that is under this name is Viola Lynn Collins.

About Lynn:

Lynn is a cashier at the local Walmart. She works the midnight shift cause she has a stutter and a limp and doesn’t much like people.  She has a prosthetic leg and makes extra money doing cam videos for sicko’s that are into that sort of thing.


Mae is usually ‘one of the first names’, like Anna Mae and Mae Margaret. It can also be a nickname for Mary. It is associated with the month of May, the Roman Goddess Maia, and the Goddess of Spring Growth Persephone. It means ‘bitter’ or ‘pearl’.

About Mae:

Mae spent most of her life behind bars. She’s been out for three months now, but is out on the street because her family don’t want her around. She wants to do something real evil so she can go back in.


Maribelle is a combination of ‘Mari’ and ‘Belle’. Mari or Mary means ‘beautiful’ and ‘Star of the Sea’, and ‘Belle’ means ‘beautiful’ as well. This name is filled with kindness and beauty.

About Maribelle:

Maribelle works hard behind the counter and dreams of getting out of this city.  She smiles extra nice at the well-dressed boys that come in, hoping that one might fall for her and take her away from this place.


The most famous bearer of the name ‘Mary’ is the Virgin Mary, whose ancient title is ‘Star of the Sea’. Lou, on the other hand, means ‘famous warrior’ in French. Whoever has this name should be a great example for all.

About Mary-Lou:

Mary-Lou picks beans during the Winter, and apples during the Summer.  Her hands are wrinkled and leathery from hard work and her back is always sore.  She never went to school, but would love to learn to read one day.


This is a musical name that remains uncommon until now. Melody basically means ‘music’ or ‘song’, or more specifically ‘song to sing’. A bearer of this name is Anthony John “Tony” Melody, and it’s not even his first name.

About Melody:

Melody had musical parents who moved around quite a lot.  They left her with an acquaintance three years ago and she hasn’t seen them since.  She doesn’t know if she has been abandoned or they are dead, but she is nearly sixteen soon and knows the old lady will shove her out the door the second the money stops coming.


Michelle is a feminine form of ‘Michael’, which means ‘gift from God’ or ‘like God’. One famous bearer is Michelle Obama, the wife of the former US President Barack Obama.

About Michelle:

Michelle married a fancy man when she was 18 and got away from the neighbourhood. But the fancy man divorced her a year later for a rich heiress with a horse-like head.  Michelle is back in the area and thinks she is queen shit.


The meaning of the name Misty is associated with nature. It means ‘foggy’ or ‘mist’. It is the English name of a trainer in Pokemon.

About Misty:

Misty put her third baby up for adoption before she was nineteen.  She doesn’t believe in birth control and doesn’t want any doctors looking at her cootchie.  Misty doesn’t want to be held down by a baby but suspects she is pregnant with her fourth.


Montana means ‘mountains’ in Latin. According to statistics, the majority of the bearers of this name are women. But this is a name that can be given to boys as well. Hannah Montana, a fictional character played by Miley Cyrus, used it as a surname.

About Montana:

Montana was named after where she was conceived.  Her brother’s names are ‘Bus Station’, ‘Kitchen Bench’ and ‘School Oval’.


Norma was derived from ‘north man’. It also refers to the occupants of Normandy in the 10th century. It is the feminine form of Norman, which means ‘rule’ or ‘pattern’. This is an old name and the bearers are mostly from the 19th century backwards.

About Norma:

Norma likes to watch gay porn on her bosses computer when he goes out of the office.


Usually a nickname for ‘Patricia’, this means ‘lady’ or ‘noble’. Some notable bearers are Patty Duke and Patty McCormack.

About Patty:

Patty has twin sons who treat her like dirt, just like her old man used to. She is scared that one day they will kick her out of the trailer and she will have to live on the street.


Peggy was modelled after ‘Margaret’, whose pet name is ‘Meggie’ or ‘Meggy’. It means ‘pearl’ in Greek. Peggy Frew, an Australian novelist, carries this name.

About Peggy:

Peggy killed her best friend when she was 15 because her boyfriend smiled at her just a little too often.  She has been in prison for 18 years now, but the bitch had it coming and she doesn’t regret it.


A name originated in Australia, Raelene is a combination of ‘rae’, a pet form of ‘Rachel’, and the name suffix ‘ene’ or ‘lene’. It means ‘ewe’ or ‘female sheep’. Some bearers include Raelene Sharp and Raelene Isbester.

About Raelene:

Raelene had a one night stand on the beach 14 years ago.  Her son was the result.  She loves him so, but avoids the question of who his daddy is.  Her son has his daddy’s eyes.


In Hebrew, Rayna means ‘song of the Lord’ and ‘pure’ or ‘clean’. But the most popular meaning is ‘queen’ or ‘lady’. If you want a powerful and monarchical name for your child, Rayna is more unobtrusive compared to ‘Princess’. Rayna can also be spelled as ‘Reigna’ and ‘Reyna’.

About Rayna:

Rayna lost two sons in Afghanistan.  She now raises money to help the troops suffering from PTSD.


The name ‘Shania’ was made popular by the Canadian singer Shania Twain. In Ojibwa, Shania means ‘I’m on my way’. In Hebrew, it means ‘God is gracious’.

About Shania:

Shania staged her first husband’s ‘suicide’. Her second husband ended up buried in the wishing well he built for her in the front yard.  Now she is thinking of ways to get rid of the third…


Although Shane is also a female name, Shayna is a feminine version of Shane, which means ‘God is gracious’. In Yiddish, it means beautiful. It is also related to ‘Shana’, which means ‘lily’ or ‘rose’.

About Shayna:

Shayna was the mistress to the local Mafia Boss. She was proud of her position, after all, with her bloodline, there was never a chance she could ever be wife material.  She hasn’t told her lover though that she follows his wife on the school run and on shopping trips, and has photos of her in the dressing room.


Sherry is a Spanish wine. The name came from the French word ‘cherie’, which means ‘darling’. Some notable bearers are Sherry Miller, Sherry Jackson, and Sherry Argov.

About Sherry:

Sherry used to make a fortune in prostitution, but she blew it all on blow.  Now that she is in her forties, she’s lucky to get $20 for any service.  She wishes she hadn’t of had all of those abortions now because she has no one to look after her.


Shirley was originally a name for male. It just started to become a female name when author Charlotte Brontë used it in her novel Shirley in 1849. The name was derived from scir (bright, clear) and Leah (wood), which form ‘bright wood’. One notable fictional character that holds this name was Anne Shirley from the classic novel Anne of Green Gables.

About Shirley:

Shirley was sent away to ‘House for unwed mothers’ to have her baby.  When her parents marched her up to the army barracks to demand that her boyfriend marry her, he refused.  She was now eight months along. She doesn’t want to give up her baby.


Skipper simply means ‘captain’ or ‘master of ship’. It sounds fun, right? It has a playful sound that is so happy to hear.

About Skipper:

Skipper doesn’t know it, but her sister’s boyfriend has his eye on her.  He leers at her when she is doing her homework of an evening.


A bond of ‘Sue’ and ‘Ellen’, this means ‘a bright lily’. Sue means ‘graceful lily’ and Ellen, which is the English form of ‘Helen’, means ‘the shining one’. In Anglo-Saxon, Ellen also means ‘courageous’.

About Sue-Ellen:

Sue-Ellen is an identical twin with long blonde mousy hair and coke-bottle glasses.  She used to go to a fancy school but her parents ran out of money and now she goes public. Her twin sister doesn’t care but it really bothers Sue-Ellen that she is so much better than THAT.


A possible pet name for all names beginning with ‘Tam’, Tammy was derived from ‘Tamara’ or ‘Tamar’, which, in Hebrew, is a palm tree. Its American and Aramaic meaning is ‘twin’.

About Tammy:

Tammy got pregnant at 15 to the kitchen-hand at the local fried chicken store.  He didn’t want to marry ‘trailer trash’ as he called it.  So she decided to raise the baby on her own.


Tandy means ‘flower’. It also was derived from the Old Norse term ‘tandr’, which means ‘fire’. It was originally a pet form of Andrew, meaning ‘man’ and ‘warrior’. But it became a given name eventually.

About Tandy:

Tandy loves her Papa, even though he treats her bad.  But without all his money, Tandy would be in a trailer.


In Sanskrit, Tara means ‘star’. In India, it was the name of the Goddess of the Sea. It was also the hill where the ancient Irish kings have reigned and was the name of the O’Hara’s plantation in Gone with the Wind, a 1939 film. Tara Fitzgerald and Tara Reid hold this name.

About Tara:

Tara has a best friend called Sookie and lives in a small town with a vampire problem.  


Tasha is a pet form of ‘Natalie’. The Russian form of ‘Natalie’ is ‘Natasha’. This name was originally a name given to those people who were born on Christmas Day. Nonetheless, as time goes by, it’s also given to anyone regardless of the date they were born. In Greek, it means ‘resurrection’. One person that goes by this name is Tasha Smith, an American actress.

About Tasha:

Tasha had two kids to the local jock. He has a drinking problem that he hid from her.  We all know he is going to leave her eventually.


In Old French, Tiffany means ‘epiphany’ or ‘manifestation of God’. The name became unpopular after the Middle Ages and was just revived when it was used at the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where Audrey Hepburn was the main lead. Some bearers are Tiffani Thiessen and Tiffany Brissette.

About Tiffany:

Tiffany has blonde curly hair and huge tits.  All the boys fought over who was going to carry her lunch tray to her table every day.  Tiffany secretly lets the boys feel her up in the science lab for $10.


Trixie is a name filled with positivity as it means ‘she who brings happiness’. This can also be a nickname for ‘Patricia’ or ‘Patrice’. One fictional character that goes by this name is Trixie Franklin, who was portrayed by Helen George.

About Trixie:

Trixie is a prostitute who just adores her job.  The money is great and she gets to lie on her back all day and eat eclairs.


Vicky is usually used as a nickname for ‘Victoria’. It means ‘victory’. It can also be used as a name for the male, but more commonly it is used for female. Some persons under this name are Vicky McClure and Vicky Krieps.

About Vicky:

Vicky went steady with her boyfriend for years.  But he bored her so.  She finally met the man of her dreams and planned her escape.  But then she found out she was pregnant, to her ex.

Willie Mae

Willie means ‘determined protector’. It is a short form of William and is usually a name given to male. Mae, on the other hand, means ‘bitter’ or ‘pearl’ and is also connected to the Roman Goddesses Maia and Persephone. Bearers of this name include Willie Mae Carson and Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton.

About Willie Mae:

Willie Mae married a man way too old for her, he was kind and provided her with a good life, but he was so incredibly boring.  That’s until the new pool boy arrived….


Winnie is usually being given to the firstborn. It means ‘peacemaker’ and ‘gentle friend’. In Welsh, it means ‘blessed reconciliation’ and ‘white’ or ‘fair’. This can be a nickname or pet name for names that start with ‘win’. One fictional character that goes by this name is Winnie the Pooh.

About Winnie:

Winnie had a crush on the boy next door.  She let him kiss her once, but he tasted like day-old spit and garlic. 

Boy’s Redneck Bogan Baby Names


In French, Beau means ‘handsome’. In dictionaries, it also means ‘male lover’ or ‘sweetheart’. This is a very simple name with an ‘attractive’ and ‘sweet’ meaning. Famous persons that are under this name are Beau Mirchoff and Beau Bridges.

About Beau:

Beau got three girls knocked up in senior high school.  He don’t pay no child support cause he has no job.  Sillly girls.


Beretta was originally a female name. It is also the name of a gun manufacturer in Italy. The name is very uncommon and is a form of ‘Berit’ or ‘Birgit’, which means ‘to help’, and ‘Bridget’, which means ‘exalted one’.

About Beretta:

Beretta likes to sit in the dark and watch his next-door neighbour get dressed in her bedroom every night.  If that old woman ever caught him his mother will kill him!


This name is a pet form of ‘William’, which means ‘resolute protection’, and is usually being used as a given name. When you give your child this name, you can consider ‘Bill’ as his nickname. William “Billy” Baldwin, Billy Zane, and Billy Crudup go by this name.

About Billy:

Billy started playing cards when he was a kid.  It gave him something to do when his parents were out working and the weather was bad.  He wants to be a professional gambler one day.


This name means ‘a blessing’. It is also linked to the French word ‘bon’, which means ‘good’. Boone is indeed surrounded by ‘grace’ and ‘generosity’. One bearer of this name was Richard Boone, an American actor.

About Boone:

Boone was born into an Italian Mafia family.  He is being groomed to go into the business.  But seriously, he’d rather be a florist.


Bob is most commonly used for female in some countries. It can be a short form of ‘Robert’ and ‘Bobbie’. It means ‘bright fame’. Bob Hoskins, Bob Newhart, and Billy Bob Thornton carry this name.

About Bob:

Bob has a secret crush on his half-sister Natalie-Ann.  He is trying to get up the courage to kiss her.


Buck is a ‘male deer’. It signifies a strong and vibrant man. A Harry Potter creature bears this name. His name is Buckbeak, and he’s a hippogriff. If you’re a Potterhead, you can consider this.

About Buck:

Buck likes to Fuck.  


Bud is short for ‘buddy’ meaning ‘friend’ or ‘brother’. It also means ‘off-shoot’ or ‘sprouting plant’, and can also be a ‘sprouting boy’. It’s mostly used as a pet name than a given name. If you want your child to be friends with everyone, it’s fine to give this name.

About Bud:

Bud was treated so badly by his parents that he now has brain damage and will require care for the rest of his life.  He does love his new foster parents, but there is something seriously wrong with him and he is scared to tell them about those scary feelings he has about killing them.


Chester means ‘fortress’, ‘walled town’, or ‘camp’. It was derived from the Latin word ‘castra’ and was first used as a surname and a place name. It is also linked to ‘Rochester’. Chester Arthur, the 21st president of the United States, had this name.

About Chester:

Chester is now married to his fifth wife, Sue-Ann.  He likes the Asian women the best, they do as they are told.  Not like the English bitch he first married – that woman did deserve the axe.


No, this wasn’t derived from Chevrolet, the luxurious car. Chevy means ‘horseman’ or ‘knight’. It was derived from the French word ‘chevauchee’, which was used to describe the horseback raids back in the Medieval era. Actor Cornelius “Chevy” Chase used this name.

About Chevy:

Chevy only has four toes on one of his feet.  He shouldn’t of played with those cheap fireworks he bought from the creepy old man up the road.  That really stuffed up his football career.


A short form of ‘Anacletus’, Cletus means ‘called forth’ or ‘summoned’. In Greek, it means ‘glory’. It was also said that it is related to ‘Clio’. Cletus Young, an actor, and Cletus Spuckler, a fictional character in The Simpsons, carry this name.

About Cletus:

Cletus is in jail on three counts of murder.  He didn’t realise that the arsenic he put in his ex-wives cups of tea at night would ever show up in their autopsies.  He can’t come to the realisation that he may never get out of this place.


Clyde is the name of the second-longest river in Scotland. The origin of the name is uncertain and has always just been associated with the river. It is mostly used as a surname but it can be a good first name, too. Bradley Clyde and Clyde Cook have this name.

About Clyde:

Clyde’s parents died when he was only 16.  He now takes care of his little sister and runs the farm which he really loves. 


Colt is a ‘young male horse’ and can also denote a ‘young and inexperienced man’. It also means ‘from the dark town’ and ‘frisky’. It is also the name of the brand of a malt liquor in the United States, which is Colt 45. This can be a nickname for ‘Colton’ as well.

About Colt:

Colt started playing the guitar when he was 10. He started writing songs when he was 12.  He is now 18 and has to suck a lot of cock to get on the stage these days.


This name was traditionally used to name people who were born near a valley as Dale literally means ‘valley’. But nowadays, it is already being used for children regardless of the place they were born into. Dale Robertson, Dale Midkiff, and Dale Wilson have this name.

About Dale:

Dale liked to go scare college kids that camped in the forest.  He accidentally killed one once and buried her near the tallest tree.  He likes to go sit on that spot and smoke a blunt.


It might not seem like it but Donny is a powerful name and means ‘king of the underworld’ or ‘ruler’. It is usually a nickname for ‘Donald’. One person under this name is Donny Osmond.

About Donny:

Donny started a boy band with his brother and four other school mates. They had a bit of success until he snorted so much coke they put him in rehab.


Dwayne means ‘black’, ‘dark’, or ‘swarthy’. It also means ‘song’ and ‘from the dunes’. It is the English version of the Irish surname ‘Duane’. One notable person under this name is Dwayne Johnson, which is also known as The Rock.

About Dwayne:

Dwayne was the weird kid at school.  The sort of kid you imagine would shoot up the place if you pushed him too far.  But Dwayne wouldn’t ever do that.  He’d rather wear your daughters head like a hat.


The name Duke means ‘leader’, ‘rank of nobility’, or ‘rank below the prince’. It is of monarchical origin, but who says the commoners can’t use it as a given name?

About Duke:

Duke was a real ladies man.  He had all the ladies wet in the fork.  He knocked up two girls at the same time and decided to move to Alabama without telling them.  He has six illegitimate kids around the place now.


Earle means ‘nobleman’, ‘chief’, or ‘warrior’. It can also be spelled as ‘Earl’, and it is actually the most used spelling of it. Earl Holliman and James Earl Jones bear this name.

About Earle:

Earle was a heroin baby.  He was always small for his size, and not very clever. The kids at school always take advantage of his good nature.  


Floyd means ‘gray’ and ‘hollow’. This is most common as a surname and was derived from the Welsh ‘llyd’, which meant to classify the ‘grey-haired’ people in Medieval England. Some people under this name are James Floyd, Roger Floyd, and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

About Floyd:

Floyd was born into extreme wealth.  He killed his father via poison when he was 13 so that he would inherit the money early.  His mother then put him in a sanitorium. He will kill that bitch when he manages to get out.


Mag Fhionnain was the Gaelic name used by the Gannon family in Ireland several years ago. ‘Fionn’ means ‘fair’, and as it had been associated with the Gannon family, it was adopted as the meaning of the name ‘Gannon’ eventually. Gannon is an uncommon first name. It’s Peter Gannon’s last.

About Gannon:

Gannon ran away from home when he was 14 and never went back.  He worked the shows for a few years before he met a city girl called ‘Kitty’ that he married.


Gator can mean ‘the cater’ or ‘a buyer of groceries’, or just a short word for ‘alligator’. There was a movie made under the title ‘Gator’ in 1976. But nowadays, it’s still one of the most unused names in the world. It’s very uncommon.

About Gator:

Gator hunted gators. One of the bastards grabbed his leg when he was 11.  He now has a stump that he likes to use inappropriately on video cams.  He makes a bit of money from that shit.


Garth was derived from the Old Norse ‘garth’, which means ‘garden’. This was first used as a surname for those people who lived or worked in or near a garden. It’s also possibly linked to ‘Gareth’, which means ‘gentle’ in Welsh.

About Garth:

Garth liked to pick up female hitchhikers.  He had such a ‘normal’ looking face, you’d never know he had six girls buried out in the Nevada dessert.


In Old Norse, Gunnar means ‘fighter’, ‘soldier’, or ‘attacker’. In the Viking saying, it means ‘brave and bold warrior’. Also, King Gunnar was a noteworthy king of Medieval literature. This is indeed one of the names with powerful meaning.

About Gunnar:

Gunnar is a songwriter in Nashville.  He is extremely immature and although he pulls in the ladies, they all run a mile when they realise how clingy he can be.


Hank, originally a short version of ‘Hankin’ and a variant of ‘Henry’, was a Medieval diminutive of ‘John’. It means ‘estate ruler’ or ‘ruler of household’, as well as ‘gift of God.’ Some notable persons under this name are American actors Tom Hanks, Hank Rolike, and Hank Azaria.

About Hank:

Hank works for the DEA in New Mexico.  He is passionate about his job, he has put some of the worst asshats in jail.  Hank doesn’t know that his brother-in-law is the largest drug manufacturer in the United States.


Harley cam from the root words ‘hara’, which means ‘hare’, and ‘leah’, which means ‘wood’ or ‘meadow’. Hence, it means ‘hare’s meadow’, ‘long field’, or ‘from the hare’s wood’. This can be a female name. Fictional DC Comics character Harley Quinn goes by this name.

About Harley:

Harley works for the local City.  He digs trenches, fixes pipes and works on the road.  He never wanted any better than that.  He still lives with his Momma and thinks no woman will ever compare to her.


Ike is a pet form of ‘Isaac’, ‘Isaiah’, or ‘Dwight’. It means ‘laughter’ and is of American origin. Isaac Barinholtz and the former US President Dwight Eisenhower use this as their nicknames.

About Ike:

Ike is a fireman in Los Angeles.  Originally from Washington, he loves the madness that is the City of Angles.  He never wants to settle down and marry, he wants excitement.


Basically, Jackson means ‘son of Jack’, but I doubt all Jacksons do have a father named Jack. This is most common as a last name. Samuel Jackson, Christopher Jackson, and Michael Jackson have this as their surname.

About Jackson:

Jackson struck it big in Reno on the machines.  Like real big.  But he really shouldn’t have left the kids in the car park of the casino.  He’s in big trouble.  And if he Mrs ever found out about the money.


Jeb, sometimes a pet form of Jacob, is of Hebrew origin and means ‘beloved friend’ or ‘following after’. It is a Biblical name. Jeb Corliss, Jeb Brown, and Jeb Stuart Adams bear this name.

About Jeb:

Jeb married the prettiest girl in the county.  She won all the pageants.  He can’t believe she chose him.  He does whatever he can to make her happy.


A diminutive of Jedidiah, Jed means ‘beloved of God’ or ‘friend of the Lord’. People who use this name usually are from Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Jed Adcock, Jed Anderson, and  Jed Bews, all Australian footballers, are some of the people born under this name.

About Jed:

See Jed.


Jeremiah is also one of the Biblical names. It came from the Hebrew ‘yirmeyahu’, which means ‘appointed by God’ or ‘exaltation of the Lord’.

About Jeremiah:

Jeremiah has a terrible stutter.  His father used to beat him for it.  When he grew up, he beat his father back.  He doesn’t talk anymore.


Although a male name, Jerry is a feminine form of ‘Gerald’ meaning ‘ruling spear’ or ‘spear warrior’. This can also be a nickname for names beginning with ‘jer’. It is sometimes spelt ‘Gerry’ or ‘Geri’. Jerry O’Connell bears this name.

About Jerry:


In Hebrew, Jimmy was derived from the same roots for Jacob, which means ‘heel’. Traditionally, it’s a nickname for James. It means ‘supplant’. James Stuart used this as a nickname.

About Jimmy:


Joe is usually a nickname for ‘Joey’ or any name with a ‘jo’ in the beginning. It is an English name and means ‘Jehovah increases’ or ‘God shall add’. Joe Pesci and Joe Alwyn have this name.

About Joe:


Johnny is a longer version of John and is usually used as a more affectionate version of it. It means ‘God is gracious’. Johnny Depp is one of the famous people who bear this name.

About Johnny:


Kyle is a name of a place referring to the ‘narrow spit of land’, a ‘wood’ or a ‘church’. It also means ‘handsome’ in Ireland. Some people who carry this name are Kyle Chandler and Kyle MacLachlan.

About Kyle:


Ledger came from the word ‘liut’ meaning ‘people’ and ‘gar’ meaning ‘spear’, which when combined is ‘spearman’. In Finance, a ledger is the record of economic transactions that are being managed by the bookkeeper. Australian actor Heath Ledger was one of those people who have this name.

About Ledger:


Merle is a French word meaning ‘blackbird’ or ‘bird’. It was derived from the Latin word ‘merula’. Merle Dixon, a fictional character from the American TV series The Walking Dead, bears this name.

About Merle:


In Hebrew, Ray means ‘ewe’. But on a more powerful note, it also means ‘wise protector’ or ‘king’ that gives ‘strong judgment’ with a ‘beam of light’. It is usually used as a nickname for ‘Raymond’ or names that begin with ‘ray’ sound. Raymond Allen Liotta uses this as his nickname.

About Ray:


Remington began as a surname and a place name and has been associated with the word ‘raven’. It denotes a ‘place on a riverbank’. In Greek mythology, it means ‘good fortune’. There was an American TV series entitled ‘Remington Steele’.

About Remington:


Ricky is a very powerful name, too. It means ‘strong’, ‘gifted’, and ‘dominant and peaceful ruler’. This is also used as a nickname for ‘Enrique’. Ricky Martin is one of the famous people with this name.

About Ricky:


Ryker means ‘rich’ and ‘powerful leader’. One notable fictional character under this name was Commander William Ryker from Star Trek.

About Ryker:


Rufus, in Latin, means ‘red’. It was the nickname of King William due to his red hair. It became a given name in the 19th century and until now, it’s still unusual to meet someone with the name. Rufus Humphrey from the American TV series Gossip Girl bears it.

About Rufus:


A nickname for a kid who moves like a mosquito, Skeeter means ‘quick’, ‘swift’, and ‘darting’. A nickname for this can be ‘Skeet’, which is kind of cute. Bryan Ulrich uses ‘Skeet’ as his nickname. There was also an American children’s sitcom that aired in 1998-2001 called ‘Cousin Skeeter’.

About Skeeter:


The name Travis was derived from the word ‘traverse’, which means ‘to cross’. Travis Scott, and American rapper, has this name.

About Travis:

Travis likes guns, ammo and gators.


Trigger is usually associated with a gun. It’s also that one factor that makes people do something, and that’s actually the only origin of the name. However, it doesn’t mean ‘Trigger’ should be given as a name to those people who are always triggered.

About Trigger:


Vernon is mostly related to the ‘alder tree’. It also means ‘youthful’ and ‘full of life’. It was the name of Harry Potter’s uncle, Vernon Dursley.

About Vernon:


Wade means ‘moving’, ‘advancer’, ‘at the river crossing’, and ‘able to go’. It is of Anglo-Saxon origin and began as a surname. Until now, it’s still usually used as a surname. It was derived from the Old English ‘wadan’ meaning ‘to go’.

About Wade:


Waylon denotes the ‘land beside the road’ or ‘road land’. This is a very uncommon name. One notable person under this was Waylon Jennings, a country music singer whose real name was Wayland.

About Waylon:


Wayne means ‘wagon’, ‘cart’, or ‘craftsman’. This began as an occupational name for someone who worked as a wagoner. To date, it is usually used as a surname. There are also places under this name. One notable person with this name is Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman.

About Wayne:


A variant of ‘Weston’, Wesson means ‘midland’, ‘west enclosure’, and ‘western settlement’. It also means ‘brave’ and ‘knows when to plow on’. This is a name that is more common in the United States than any other countries. There was a convicted American criminal whose name is Marcus Wesson.

About Wesson:


Winchester is a city in England and the first person to use the name (as a surname) was also from there. Philip Winchester, an American actor, and Dean Winchester, a fictional character from American horror fantasy series Supernatural, have this as their last name.

About Winchester:


Woody is a pet name for ‘Woodrow’, which means ‘row of wood houses’. It became more popular during the time of Thomas Woodrow as the president of the United States. Allan Stuart Konigsberg uses this as his stage name (Heywood ‘Woody” Allen).

About Woody:

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