20 Perfect Names For Your Quarantine Baby

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20 Perfect Names For Your Quarantine Baby

I think we can safely say 2021 is going to be the year of the quarantine babies.

So what should you name your quarantine baby?

Why not go for something a little bit unique like Rona or Pan?

Or maybe even Tina or Lock?

Parents who named their child after the virus

An Indian couple who gave birth to twins during the pandemic chose to the name them Covid for their baby boy, and Corona for their little girl. Can you believe it?

"Quarantine" Baby

Speaking to Press Trust of India, Preeti Verma said: “There is a lot of apprehension nowadays regarding COVID-19. We wished to ease the anxiety and fear associated with these words and also make the occasion memorable. So, I and my husband took an instant decision to name our twins Covid (boy) and Corona (girl).”

A baby boy, born in Uttar Pradesh in India, has been given the name Lockdown.

The baby’s father Pawan shared with Press Trust of India: “We appreciate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to enforce lockdown and save the people from corona pandemic. The lockdown is in national interest and so we decided to name the child as Lockdown.”

Twitter user Niña Cayosa claims she heard a Manila woman has named her baby Covid Bryant. Honouring both the late Kobe Bryant and the virus.

A couple from the Philippines decided to call their little girl, born on 13 April, Covid Marie, as a show of gratitude for a simple and safe delivery, apparently.

"Quarantine" Baby

Another baby girl in the Philippines has been registered with the name Covid Rose.

In south east India, two mothers agreed to call their babies Corona Kumar (male) and Corona Kumari (female).

And another proud father has named his son Sanitiser as a ‘contribution to the fight’ against COVID-19.

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20 Names For Your “Quarantine” Baby

Angus – unique strength

Corona – Rona or Ron

Covid – Covi or Cove

Emerie – brave and powerful

Essie – short for essential

Florence – in honour of our nurses

Hope – speaks for itself really

Joy – Thank god that’s over!

Kenzo – strong and healthy

Ko’rona – Kovvy

20 Perfect Names For Your "Quarantine" Baby | Stay at Home Mum

Lock – Lockie or Lockdown

Matilda – battle strength

Pandemic – Demin, Pan, Dem and Mick

Patience – we sure needed lots of that

Rainbow – rainbow after the storm

Phoenix – we will rise again

Raphael – the lord has healed

Sanitiser – San or Sannie

Tina or Tine – short for quarantine

Quarantine – Qua or Quay

If you are looking for a unique baby name to commemorate the last year of COVID hell, then these are certainly for you.

If not they are good for a giggle that’s for sure!

20 Perfect Names For Your "Quarantine" Baby | Stay at Home Mum



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