70 Japanese Inspired Baby Names

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70 Japanese Inspired Baby Names

In the Japanese language, there are three separate alphabets – hiragana (for Japanese words), katakana (for foreign words) and Kanji (Chinese characters).

Choosing a baby name in Japan can be tricky as parents must pick a name they like the sound of, but also choose a meaning using Kanji that corresponds with the pronunciation.

Here’s a list of Japanese baby names and their possible meanings. There are many more meanings for the same pronunciation if the parents choose different characters. 

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Japanese Inspired Baby Names for Girls

Aoi – The Japenese meaning of Aoi is “Hollyhocl” which translates to “Green, Blue”.

Airi – A soft name meaning “White Jasmine” or  “Love and Affection”.

Akari – This name is seen to be suited to twins born as Akaria means “The light” or “Glimmer”.

Akemi – Meaning “Bright Beauty” or “Beautiful Sunrise”.

Arisu – A popular girls’ Japanese name meaning “Noble Sort and Kind”.

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Asuka – A name with multiple meanings “Tomorrow’s fragrance”, “Too Fly” and “Bird”.

Ayume – Meaning “Dream Walking” or “Walk your own way”.

Chiemi – Known as a feminine name meaning “A Thousand Blessings”.

Emi – A sweet name meaning “Beautiful Blessing” or “Smile”. 

Hana – The Japanese name meaning for Hana is “Grace, flower and craft”


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Izumi – Known to be a unisex name meaning, “Source of water” or “Fountain”.

Kei – A name also known to be unisex, meaning “Blessed and Lucky”.

Kaede – This name is also used in Kanji with the meaning of “Maple”.

Kaiya – Popular in its variations, this name means “Ocean Arrow”.

Kaori – Meaning “Fragrance and Beauty”.

Kiyomi – An ancient Japanese name meaning “Pure Beauty” or “Holy and Sacred”

Madoka – A common Japamese girls’ name meaning “Circle”.

Mari – A national recognised name meaning “Rebelliousness”.

Midori – Another popular girls’ name meaning “Green or Verdant”

Mika – The name means “Beautiful Fragrance or Intelligent Racoon”.

Mizuki – A very modern japanese name meaning “Beautiful Moon’.

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