10 Drug-Free Ways To Combat Anxiety

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10 Drug-Free Ways To Combat Anxiety

People experience anxiety for all kinds of reasons.

They might be worried about work, upset about money, panicked about their love life or scared about their health.

Life certainly provides a lot to worry about, so anxiety is totally normal. However, when your anxiety leaves you breathless and with your mind racing into negativity, it’s time to get help.

Anxiety is a common enemy for Australians with almost 10% experiencing an anxiety disorder just in the last year. Anxiety treatment comes in the form of medication, as well as drug-free alternatives that you can practice every day to help you get the condition under control.

The good news is that anxiety isn’t the end, and there are simple, medication-free ways for you to deal with it right now. Here are 10 ways to deal with anxiety, drug-free.

1. Talk about it.


Talking with someone about your experiences with anxiety and the feelings that are at the root of your anxious behaviours is the best way of starting to work through it. Some find it easy talking to a friend or family member whom they trust, but for others, talking to a professional, like a counsellor, is the best option. Talking about your fears and worries is better than keeping them inside. They say, a problem shared is half solved, so go for it!

2. Work out.


Much better if you’re with a friend!

When you are stressed and anxious, the thought of going to the gym or heading out for your morning run seems like a bad idea. However, a bit of exercise has been scientifically proven to improve the mood and sense of wellbeing. Working out helps you to distract yourself from anxious thinking and destructive repetitive thoughts, as well as making you feel better in body and soul.

3. Do some yoga.

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Yoga is widely recognised as being beneficial for people with anxiety thanks to the gentle exercise and meditative techniques that are built into the practice. Of course, you might not feel comfortable just starting yoga in your own home, but there are many yogis in Australia and even small towns that provide yoga classes. Check in at gyms and wellness centres to start a relaxing and anxiety busting habit today!

4. Touch.


Are you looking for cheap ways to help you manage your anxiety? Why not get touchy? Research shows that touch is therapeutic, particularly for those with anxiety. If you are in a relationship or married, this is the perfect time to cuddle with your partner and talk it out. A simple hug or holding hands can be just what you need to make a positive difference to your anxiety. If you want something more, sex is also known to trigger the production of feel-good hormones which help in raising moods.

5. Tackle your fear.

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People who suffer with anxiety often avoid the triggers that set them off, and fear acknowledging the situation, person or topic that makes them anxious. Running away from fear will only limit your life in the long-term, so instead of turning your head, try and tackle your fears head on. It’s not easy, but take time to think carefully about where the root of your anxiety is, and work through it in little pieces so you can better understand it.

6. Take time to grieve.

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Many people develop issues with anxiety after they experience something traumatic. This could be the loss of a loved one, an accident or failure of some sort, but in the end, it’s all about how you look at it. Anything can be traumatic if you feel that it is, and that is for you to deal with. So, when you feel fearful and overwhelmed, take time out and let yourself grieve. Allowing yourself time to cry about your problems isn’t something we encourage in Western cultures, but it’s beneficial to just let it all out.

7. Drink herbal teas.


If you are looking for drug-free ways to deal with your anxiety, a cup of tea might do more good than you think. Most Australians drink tea simply because it’s routine, but they do not realise the health benefits that can come from teas, especially herbal ones. If you feel stressed or depressed, you can try chamomile tea, green tea or ginger tea. Herbal teas are known for their calming effect and they are also good for your general health.

8. Sleep.


While some people sleep a lot when they are stressed or anxious, some do not get any sleep especially when anxiety-driven insomnia sets in. Getting enough sleep is important for anyone who is experiencing anxiety symptoms. Sleep not only enables you rest but it also takes your mind away from actively thinking about your stress factor. Of course it’s key not to sleep too much, thereby removing yourself from your life. However, a solid 8 hours might just make you feel energised and ready to take on the world.

9. Set realistic goals.

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With so many Australians trying to meet lofty life goals in a changing world and economy, there are many stress-related health and lifestyle issues coming up on a daily basis. Setting realistic goals for your own life does not mean you cannot take on the world! It just means that you can work hard and achieve your goals while still keeping a healthy balance that doesn’t stress you out and cause anxiety.

10. Breathe!

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For anyone dealing with anxiety, taking a few deep breaths can be a simple way to alleviate the crushing feeling that can set in with the condition. Meditative breathing, during which you make a conscious effort to focus on your breathing and on taking deep breaths, can have a marked effect on many of the symptoms of anxiety. It allows you to remove yourself from the anxiety-inducing situation and focus on the calm, simple motion of breathing in and out. What is easier than that?

How do you combat anxiety?

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