10 Practical Alternative Uses For Lube (Other Than Sex)The other ways you can use your lubricants...

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  • 10 Practical Alternative Uses For Lube (Other Than Sex)

If you’re worrying you’re not using your lube enough (except for sexy time), we’ve got good news, you’ve got tons of uses for lube other than sex! 

If you’ve just opened your lube for (well, an obvious reason) and have lots left, you can make use of it in other ways (rather than wait til your next bedroom rodeo which sometimes could happen again just before your lube’s use-by date. Ugh!)

So, there’s a whole lot more than meets the eye (or hands) with your lube. Check these out!

1. You can use it as a shave gel for shaving your legs.

Just as it does when he’s “checking the oil”, lube is also great for smoothing your legs when shaving. Water-based or silicone-based lubes are best for a smoother shave.

2. It can prevent chafing your inner thighs.

You can use lube to prevent chafing your inner thighs, upper arms and nipples especially during long workouts.

3. Use it as a makeup remover.

Waterproof makeup will not be a problem if you have no makeup remover and you’ve got some lube. Just get the latter, rub some on your makeup and voila!

4. Running out of lip gloss? Rub some lube on your lips.

Use water-based lube as a lip gloss alternative.

5. It can tame your frizzy and tangled hair.

This is every girl’s enemy — fly-aways and frizzy, tangled hair! Ugh! So, if you’ve got no time to buy your favourite styling cream, pomade, or hairspray, but you have some lube in your drawer, well, you can take it out, apply some on your hair and your hair will be as shiny and sleek as you want it to be.

6. It can help remove price stickers from products easily.

Sticky price stickers suck! You run the risk of chipping your nails just to get that damn price off the product. So, to make it easier, get your lube to help remove the goo. Spread the lubricant on the sticker, let it sit for a while, then peel the sticker right off. Easy peasy!

7. It can make a stuck zipper work again.

If your zipper got stuck (again), put some lube to get the zipper to work again.

8. Use it as a shoe polisher.

You can make your shoes shiny without using a shoe polisher. Your lube can do it all in a zap!

9. Use it to easily take off your ring stuck on your finger.

When you either ate too much the past few weeks that your finger began to swell or it’s just the warmer months which also make your finger a lot bigger, and got your ring stuck on your finger, well, before you attempt to break your ring, try applying ice to your finger first to lessen the swelling. Then put on some water-based lube around your finger and slowly, ease the ring off your finger. Don’t use soap since it can dry your skin which makes it even harder to take your ring off.

10. You can use it as an ice pack.

If you don’t have ice packs, you can put your lube in one Ziplock bag and freeze to make a soft-gel ice pack.

Do you know other alternative uses for lube?

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