15 Ways To Store Bobby Pins and Hair Ties

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15 Ways To Store Bobby Pins and Hair Ties

How frustrating it is — bobby pins and hair ties are forever going missing!

After losing one too many of these slippery little suckers has pushed us to the brink of insanity! So it’s time to take action.

Here are some really fabulous ideas to organise all of those needed hair accessories without causing you to pull your hair out anymore than you already have.

Some useful, simple, and frugal ideas that you can easily DIY!

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15 Ways To Store Bobby Pins and Hair Ties I Stay at Home Mum

Here Are 15 Ways To Store Bobby Pins and Hair Ties

1. Install a magnetic strip in your bathroom drawer.

Starting off with the most favoured of methods to organise bobby pins is with a magnetic strip. These strips can be placed in drawers, bathrooms walls, shelves or even window sills — wherever is most convenient for you. This is a great way to keep track of those runaway bobby pins.

2. An alternative use for shot glasses.

Most of us have those old shot glasses stored in the back of the cabinet. Whether they are mixed and matched glasses, they make a great holder for bobby pins and lots of them too!

3. Keep your old Tic Tac containers, add some washi tape and…voila!

Check this out! These guys are perfect for being thrown in handbags, purses or even car consoles. Portable little holders for when you’re out and about and need a hand in holding your hairstyles.

4. You know those containers for paper clips…

Well, they serve a purpose for paper clips so why not bobby pins too, they are just as important!

5. An empty lip balm container? Ingenious!

This is a unique way to organise those few bobby pins when out and about — another great way to have portable bobby pins without them being lost in the mix of the bottom of your handbag! We’ve all been there before.

6. Using the left over little mints tin…

This is quite swish really! Check out how organised this little tin is with all sorts for handy hair accessories. These tins are great for all sorts of purposes, but this is one of our favourites.

7. Using an old tackle or crafts box.

For all of your hair accessories, big and small, from scrunchies to hair clips, old tackle boxes or craft boxes can hold it all! Investing in one of these or digging through already owned items, finding something like this can become really handy.

8. Using a clip to hang all your hair ties upon.

A simple, quick and quirky way to hold all of your hair ties together, it is a great way to let alone store them but visually be able to pick of the type or colour of hair tie desired.

9. A toilet roll…

Ahh the toilet roll, so many endless possibilities with them, all sorts of uses these little guys can provide. Clips, ties and pins, the trusty toilet roll has you covered.

10. Using old beer bottles.

Old bottles have a stylish/ rustic use and look to them to have all sorts of accessories sit happily upon them. Recycling materials for other uses brings so many useful possibilities that can become frugal yet extremely handy.

11. A stylish bow…

This is a stylish and easy way to hold your bobby pins all in one place, and bows are quite adorable!

12. Utilising used jars.

Using cute little jars is really nifty. They can turn into all sorts of handy and helpful holders for hair accessories.

13. You can also use glass jars.

Not only is this a great idea for bobby pins and hair ties but for all sorts of other hair accessories, a great way to keep track of them all and it’s easy to see which accessory is in which jar, so a fantastic way to keep them all organised as well.

14. Using hooks and hair ties to bind…well, hair ties!

Hooks are life savers! Especially when you need to keep small stuff together…like hair ties! Or you can use some cute ribbons where you can attach those cute bobby pins! Adorable!

15. Using empty pill bottles or gum containers.

Don’t throw away those empty pill bottles or gum containers just yet! Let’s put them to good use by putting in some cute decors and storing your 543 bobby pins. Fantastic!

 What’s your favourite hair accessory holder?

If you have more ideas on how to store pins and ties, share it with us in the comments!

15 Ways To Store Bobby Pins and Hair Ties | Stay at Home Mum

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