6 Alternative Feminine Hygiene Products

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6 Alternative Feminine Hygiene Products

There is a whole aisle dedicated to sanitary products in the supermarkets these days.  

Every brand having their own version of wings, no wings, overnights, maternity, thins, ultra thins and so on. That is just the humble sanitary napkin.


The choices of tampons is unbelievable. We certainly have come a long way in the development of these products. Considering what our lady ancestors had to deal with. The question is have we gone too far?

Our insatiable need to “improve” our quality of life had lead us up a dangerous path. A path that leads to financial, environmental and health related problems.  This is true of the Feminine Hygiene Industry too.  These mod cons are making us sick. The pesticides, herbicides and bleaches sprayed on the cotton used in these products has been linked to some serious illnesses e.g. ovarian cancer.  The fragrances and deodorants which are just unnecessary cause irritations and allergies.  These over engineered, disposable items are expensive to use and there is of course, the issue of disposal.  The cost of these items has made it difficult for some women in low income countries to get access to such products.

Alternative Feminine Hygiene Products

Many women are now looking for alternatives. They are getting back to basics. No, I am not talking about a piece of animal fur wedged up there but some of our ancestors knew a thing or two!

Period Undies

Now is the time of Period Undies!  Period Undies are specialised underwear that will absorb your flow (you can get different undies for different times of your cycle) – and they are washable so you can wear them all month long.  They are a great idea for younger girls who haven’t got their period yet but are expecting it soon (takes the worry away).  The material is made with a moisture-wicking layer that draws away blood, sweat and discharge which keeps you dry and fresh all day.

We really love the Modibodi range.

| Stay at Home

Classic Bikini Underpants Modibodi AU | Stay at Home

Organic Sanitary Pads

These are becoming more readily available.  The ones to look out for are labeled organic, eco-friendly, biodegradable and are free of all the nasties.  You wont know the difference in the way they perform. Organic Pads are available online or can be found in some supermarkets and pharmacies.

Tsuno Natural Bamboo Pads - Regular

Tsuno Natural Bamboo Pads Regular Nourished Life Australia | Stay at Home


2. Re-useable Sanitary Pads

This idea has been around for centuries. Little pockets filled with natural fibers.  These washable pads that are just as effective as the disposable variety you are used to. The are cost effective in the long run working out to be a quarter of the cost.  Washable pads come in many sizes and styles.  They are designed to wear, soak and throw into your washing machine.

Hannah Pads from Nourished Life are a good example.

hannahpad Organic Reusable Medium Pad - Single



3. Organic Tampons

These are a safer option for you and for the environment.  Free of bleach, pesticides and herbicides. Look for the certified organic label.  If possible choose biodegradable.

Tsuno Tampons - Super

Tsuno Tampons Super Nourished Life Australia | Stay at Home

4. Sea Sponges

These have been used for eons by women who had access to the oceans.  They are inexpensive and easy to use.  Just wet soften and insert like a regular tampon.  Simply remove rinse and re insert.  You can use any natural sea sponge or buy one specially cut to size.  They can last for years but need to be discarded as soon as they show signs of wear.  You can grab them from Etsy.

Premium Sea Natural Sponge Tampons  Facial Sponge  Cosmetic image 0

5. Menstrual Cups

A reusable menstrual cup is made from medical-grade silicone or natural rubber.  This device is an effective replacement for tampons and pads. There are many benefits to using a cup.  They last up to 10 years ending up one of the most cost effective options. Hygienic, easy to clean and disinfect. – Ideal for women who are active, travel or play sports. There are loads of really reputable brands such as:

Lunette Menstrual Cup - Purple

Nourished Life Australia | Stay at Home

6. The Flo

This ingenious invention was designed to enable girls in poorer countries to carry, wash and dry washable pads.  The low cost contraption, when released will allow girls to wash the pads and hang them out to dry in the sun in a discrete way.  This sanitary method of cleaning and drying the pads will surely lead to a better life for these girls. Example: The Flo

6 Alternative Feminine Hygiene Products | Stay At Home Mum



This final example of feminine hygiene products is an example of modern design working to improve on a product that has been working very well for some time.  Washable pads are cost effective but if not used correctly can lead to infection and illness.

There is no doubt that we are breathing and ingesting a dangerous concoction of chemicals all day every day, so maybe saying no to commercial feminine hygiene products is just smart.  Remember we are setting an example to our daughters, too.  So, when you take into consideration the health of the planet, an organic disposable product or better still, a reusable natural product is most likely the best choice.

Which alternative feminine hygiene products are you curious about?

Enough to make you wanna try..6 Alternative Feminine Hygiene Products 1 | Stay at Home

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