6 Areas Where Acne Grows That’s Not On Your FaceIt can show up pretty much anywhere you can imagine.

Your face isn’t the only place you can get acne.

You can actually find it pretty much everywhere.

We all know what it is and have probably dealt with it at some point in our lives. I know I have. But it can really appear anywhere on your body and for different reasons too.

1. Scalp Acne

Yep, pimples on top of the head is a thing. A tricky place to have acne as it makes washing hair, hairstyles and everyday grooming that bit more frustrating. It’s caused by hair follicles or pores becoming clogged and therefore becoming infected. To treat scalp acne, it’s suggested that you use and test different types of shampoos, conditioners and products until you find the one that treats your scalp acne. Also, washing regularly will keep your scalp away from harsh chemicals.

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2. “Bacne”

The ones I could never reach and would have to ask my mortified family or friends to “Give it a quick squeeze”.  Found on the back, neck and lower back, “bacne” can vary from mild to severe, and different types of “bacne” can mean different things. Wearing tight clothing, irregular washing, sweat and exercise can affect these areas. “Bacne” can also be a sign of allergies to dust, pollen or dermatitis. Changing bed sheets and hygienic practices along with clean eating can help reduce acne in these areas.

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3. Crotch and Butt Acne

It’s gotta be the worst of them all. Butt acne must be swelling. Wearing loose underwear and clothing in the area can help alleviate the severity of the acne. Regular washing, using a toner and eating a healthy diet can help with improvement as well. This acne can also be signs of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), rashes and allergic reactions. So go and get this checked if need be.

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4. Chest Acne

Ouchy! These ones hurt specifically those little suckers in the middle of your chest. Wearing loose clothing, regular washing and diets are super important. Chest acne can indicate problems with digestion, food sensitivity and allergies. Eating excessive seafood and spicy food can also be contributors. Chest acne is closely linked with the digestive system, so get into that fruit and veg!

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5. Leg Acne

I can only imagine how frustrating leg acne could be. It can be found on the thighs, calves and inner leg areas and be affected by clothing, hygiene and diet, certain shampoos and soaps. A big factor to this type of acne is shaving in the direction of the hair instead of against it, as it can clog hair follicles and pores which get infected. Allergic reactions, rashes, dermatitis and keratosis pilaris can also be causes of leg acne. Start by changing the way you shave for a start and work your way down the list to heal the acne.

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6. Arm Acne

Found across forearms and inner arm areas, arm acne can also be a sign of keratosis pilaris, rashes or allergic reactions, although it can be treated and prevented with smart loose clothing options, certain hygiene products and diet. Changing your bed sheets and covers is another thing to take into account if you have recurring arm acne. Talking to your GP about it will help find the rootcause of it.

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Have you had problems with acne other than in your face?


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