60 Deliciously Tiny Finger TattoosSo Delicate and Pretty!

Tiny Finger Tattoos are seriously beautiful little pieces of artwork! They are elegant, decadent and eye – catching.

They can be sweet or serious with lots of different meanings and values, here are some of the most beautiful we could find.

This fancy Arabian lotus that is kinda like a part of a mandala is nothing but fancy.

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 If you are fond of gardening or a fan of Beauty and the Beast, this tiny rose is for you!

via tattooblend.com

Put your heart on your finger!

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So fine and cutesy!

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So dreamy.

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Very cute but I bet it hurts like a mofo.

via tattoo.blog.br

Perfect for your inner astrologist!

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Cute mini mandala! Perfect for summer days.

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If you are a little in love with your furry friends.

via herinterest.com

For the island girl who loves the tropics.

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An arrow for the hipster you.

via thisistattoo.com

Who needs a ring when you have this very beautiful skull piece?

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Minimalist but pretty.

via glamour.com

The symbolic semi colon.

via tattoo.com

For the surfer dudette.

via forcreativejuice.com

For the lover of the forest.

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Finger tattoos are really ring replacements!

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Take your love to the next level with these couple finger tats.

via stayglam.com

A discreet one that could still show your passion.

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For the cat lady.

via sheknows.com

For promises that wouldn’t be broken.

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The Eye of Horus for protection.

via stylist.co.uk

The rosary for the devout you.

via tattooblend.com

This tiny cross for guidance.

via barneyfrank.net

This cutesy ribbon is a must-have!

via forcreativejuice.com

This Yin and Yang tat is all sorts of cool.

via ecstasycoffee.com

A constant reminder of what you possess inside. 

via pinterest.com.au

Just like putting your love on your sleeve.

via tattooblend.com

Show em your stars!

via prettydesigns.com

For a love that’s anchored by faith.

via pinterest.com.au

For the king and queen of hearts.

via stylist.co.uk

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