New Sex Toys for Valentine’s Day? Check These Out!

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New Sex Toys for Valentine’s Day? Check These Out!

New Sex Toys for Valentine’s Day? Check These Out!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! It feels like Christmas has just ended! Flowers and chocolates are great, but a new sex toy is next level!  Even if you are single, there is no shame in treating yourself to some self-love on Valentine’s Day. Why not gift yourself with a new sex toy? 

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Or if you want your Valentine’s Day sex session to go to extra levels, check out the top 10 sex toys at Love Honey right now! 

Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit 

Price: $119.95 

This kit is the perfect budget-friendly complete package for a weekend away! It includes 11 specialized toys that are great for a spicy night with your partner. This kit includes: 

  • G-Spot Vibrator 
  • Vibrating Rabbit Ears 
  • Butt Plug 
  • Rabbit Vibrator 
  • Male Stroker 
  • Anal Beads 
  • Jingle Balls 
  • Rabbit Cock Ring 
  • Cock Ring Set
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Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator 

Price: $129.95 

Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, this G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator is designed to give out some seriously intense orgasms. It has 36 vibration combinations and 15 different speed options. It’s travel-friendly, waterproof, and USB rechargeable. It’s nice and quiet so you can be discreet. Perfect! Read More > 

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Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator

Price: $169.95

This clitoral stimulator was a collaboration between Lovehoney and Womanizer. It has amazing pulsation and suction, with 6 different intensity levels. The suction is designed to be soft and non-numbing so you can dial up the intensity to whatever suits you! This device is charged via USB and waterproof. Read More > 

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Mains Powered Classic Metallic Magic Wand 

Price: $89.95 

It’ll give you pleasure and it looks pretty! Bonus! The Lovehoney Metallic Wand is a popular wand, with a variety of speed options. It’s powered via a PowerPoint so no need to worry about batteries.  This one is limited edition, so get in quick! Read More > 

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Satisfyer Pro2 Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator 

Price: $79.95 

The Satisfyer Pro2 has been designed to be more effective and even quieter. It has a small handle, making it easy to hold, and 2 buttons that control it. It’s easy to charge and has no cords that will get in the way. This clitoral stimulator is designed to give you the most pleasure! Read More > 

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    Lovense Lush 2 Love Egg Vibrator 

    Price: $224.95

    This one is great, especially if you and your partner spend some time apart. This vibrator is designed to hit your G-spot and your clitoris. It’s quiet with deep vibrations. This vibrator also comes with an app, and let your partner control the vibration patterns. It can even be synced with music! Read More > 

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    We-Vibe Unite Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator 

    Price: $129.95 

    This is another couple sex toy that is really popular. You can have it charged and ready to go in just 90 minutes. It’s designed to be a hands-free sex toy for g-spot, clitoral and for penis stimulation as well. This toy also comes with a one-button remote that has a 3-metre radius. It has 9 different vibration modes. Use it solo or with your partner. Read More > 

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    Womanizer Red Due G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator 

    Price: $329.95

    This is the perfect combination! It’s a G-Spot Stimulator as well as having clitoral suction as well. It has 12 different levels of intensity and 10 different vibration patterns, so you have plenty of options to adjust it to give you the perfect amount of pleasure. Read More > 

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    Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Vibrator 

    Price: $35.97 

    This vibrator is a classic, with over 1600 reviews! It’s designed to give you the best orgasms possible with a clitoral stimulator also attached. It has 3 different speed options and 7 different vibrating patterns. If you want to enjoy some pleasure underwater, then this vibrator is perfectly fine! Read More >

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    Lovehoney Button Buzzer Clitoral Vibrator 

    Price: $59.97

    This one, tho it may be small, is powerful. This Button Buzzer is popular and has a really powerful motor inside. It has 6 vibration patterns and 3 different levels of intensity. This toy will fit in your hand nice and easy, so it’s easy to use and also be discreet. It’s USB rechargeable and once fully charged can last up to 120 minutes. Read More > 

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    More Great Valentines Day Sex Toys 

    So, there you have it, the best new sex toys you can get your hands on for Valentine’s Day fun. Enjoy 🙂

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