Braids, Buns and Other Ways To Deal With Awkward Stage Hair

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Braids, Buns and Other Ways To Deal With Awkward Stage Hair

These Awkward Stage Hair will blow your mind!

Weeks into quarantine and I couldn’t go to the hairdresser, I suddenly wanted to cut my bangs or do something to my hair – anything. Now I am so glad I didn’t.


Interesting enough, I wasn’t alone. A lot of my friends had the same experience so I realized, feeling restless during the awkward stage hair is actually normal. lol

Let me tell you how I distracted that evil thought… braids, buns, headbands and clips. They saved me from a bad haircut!

Braids, Buns and Other Ways To Deal With Awkward Stage Hair | Stay At Home Mum

In case you’re in the awkward hair stage, I suggest you read on and check out tips below.

Change your part

Sometimes, there’s really nothing wrong with our hair. It may be that we are bored and want some change. The easiest way to shake things up is to change your part. It also hides the awkward hair growth somehow.

Switch from a middle part to one positioned to the left or right or change from one-sided part to a middle part.

Awkward Stage Hair | Stay At Home Mum


You might have to level up your usual crazy idgaf messy bun and make it look more clean and more fancy. Check out some ideas below!

Hair Pins

If you’re sooo close to cutting your own bangs, please pick up some hair pins and pin it away from your face for now. That way, you won’t have to always see it. Use some styling clay or gel, then secure the ends with a pretty barette or some hair pins/clips.


Braids are the best! You can learn one that’s easy and when you have one on you instantly look like you did a lot of effort.

I suck at braids but I have mastered one that works for my hair. I get jealous of other braid styles but I learned that I only really need to learn one. If you’re like me, then just learn one! Practice makes perfect!

Braid...and FLIP! This easy hairstyle is the fastest way to get a polished braid when you're short on time.
Easy Step By Step Tutorials On How To Do Braided Hairstyle (10 Hairstyles) Gymbuddy Now #braidedhairstyles

Headbands, turbans and scarves

Hair accessories are perfect for a fancy touch. They never fail at making your awkward hair length look chic and feminine.If you have some in your house, use it! These are really versatile accessories and it’s going to make you feel better about your hair.

Posh Ponytails

There are so many ways to level up your ponytail. If you want to make it look better, use accessories, change the style, or put a ribbon on it!

Claw clips

Claw clips are so back – and isn’t it the most convenient hair accessory EVER?

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Awkward Stage Hair

If all else fails, then that’s a sign that you are definitely in dire need to go to the hairdresser! Until then, don’t cut your hair!

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Stay strong! You can survive this!

Braids Buns and Other Ways To Deal With Awkward Stage Hair | Stay at Home
Awkward Stage Hair

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