20 Amazing Uses For Vaseline You Probably Didn’t Know

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20 Amazing Uses For Vaseline You Probably Didn’t Know

To many people, Vaseline is essentially a nothing product. It costs almost nothing, it smells like nothing, and it is good for nothing.

Or is it?

In fact, Vaseline is a product with thousands of potential uses both around your body and around your house.

Here are 20 of our favourites:

20. It softens your feet.

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If you’ve got cracked heels, Vaseline is the answer. Stop spending money on expensive foot creams right now! Instead, just smear Vaseline all over your feet before you go to bed, massage a little, and then slap a pair of socks on. When you wake up the next day, the Vaseline will have worked its magic, and your feet will be smooth as anything.

19. It protects your nose.

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In flu season, there’s nothing worse than that dry, sore feeling of a nose that has been wiped way too many times. But what can you do without setting of a chain reaction of sneezing? Vaseline could help. Just rub a little bit on your nose throughout the day, and you’ll find it works fast to moisturise those dry spots.

18. It defines lashes.

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Some people actually believe that if you put Vaseline on your eyebrows on a regular basis, you’ll end up with thicker lashes. We haven’t tested this one, but we can tell you that Vaseline is a great alternative to mascara if you’re going makeup free, and it also doubles as a lash conditioner.

17. It tames eyebrows.

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Those with flyaway brows will find Vaseline a life-saver in their beauty regime. As well as being good for the eyelashes, Vaseline can tame your crazy eyebrows, bringing them into one clear line. Just put a little on the arches or your brows, and you can enjoy consistent shape all day long!

16. It gets off rings.

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Getting a ring stuck on your finger happens to the best of us, and it always seems to happen at the exact worst time. Instead of risking a dislocation by trying to haul the ring off your finger (or off a child’s finger), use Vaseline. All you need to do is put Vaseline on both sides of the ring, give it a couple of spins, and watch it slide right off.

15. It stops colour leak.

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We can always tell when somebody has dyed their hair thanks to the sad colour leakage that happens all over their brow line and the back of your neck. Even if you’re super careful, it’s easy to get it on your skin and hard to get it off. Well, Vaseline is here to save the day. Just apply a little all around your hairline and it will stop the dye from sinking into your skin.

14. It polishes shoes.

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Got a pair of leather shoes that have seen better days? What about a handbag or a belt that’s got some scuffing or even dryness? The good news is you don’t have to throw it away just yet. Instead, rub some Vaseline into your leather goods and leave them to sit for a while. You’ll find the Vaseline revitalises the leather making it good as new.

13. It soothes mild sunburn.

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During summer, there are these dreaded days of sunburn. Obviously, it helps to target sunburn before it happens with prevention, but if you miss the boat, Vaseline is a good solution (but only for mild sunburn – anything worse, then you may need something else like aloe vera). Just gently apply it onto the sunburnt skin (before bed is usually best) and allow to sit for several hours. You’ll find that it quickly moisturises, which is one of the biggest issues burnt skin has!

12. It treats chapped lips.

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Chapped lips suck, but those tiny tubes of lip balm are impossible to keep track of. Don’t go without again by keeping some Vaseline around instead. A little bit of Vaseline rubbed on the lips is the same, if not better, than most lip balms. It’s probably cheaper too!

11. It prevents chafe.

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There is nothing worse than the angry red chafe that arises on the inner thigh or under the armpit after a long hot day. It’s seriously uncomfortable, and can ruin your day. Luckily, Vaseline can stop you ever getting chafe again. Just put some on the areas where you tend to get chafe, just before the activities that bring it on (like walking when it’s hot). You’ll find the Vaseline acts as a shield for your skin, preventing the chafe.

10. You can make your own scrub with it.

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Everyone loves a good scrub, but all those cosmetics can get really expensive. Now there’s a simple, and cheap, solution. Using Vaseline as a base, make your own scrub with sugar, salt or oatmeal. Have a look online for recipes, but Vaseline makes a versatile foundation for any concoction.

9. It can make perfume smell better for longer.

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Fancy perfume is a lovely treat, but the smell never lasts as long as we’d like. It turns out that Vaseline can actually make your perfume smell better for longer. Just put a little bit on your skin before you apply your perfume, and smell good all day long.

8. It stops shaving bumps.

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Itchy red shaving bumps are caused by dry skin irritation after shaving, but they can be stopped. To avoid them, apply Vaseline directly to the shaved area after you’ve dried the skin off (so there’s no water). Your skin will drink up the Vaseline, and the itchy bumps will stay away.

7. It aids in healing.

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When we get a wound, the scarring process is something that worries a lot of women. You’ll be happy to know that, although it’s not a cure, a regular dose of Vaseline (with your doctor’s permission) can help with a wound site to prevent scarring. It does this by keeping the area nice and moisturised.

6. It makes a spot on manicure.

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When we do have time to paint our nails, the last thing we want to do is fiddle around trying to get all the wayward nail polish off the surrounding skin. No more! By applying a little bit of Vaseline to the skin around the nail, you’ll find that polish simply won’t stick. Easy!

5. It removes makeup stains.

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Makeup can get everywhere, and getting the stains off your things is a pain. But Vaseline is a simple solution. Just apply some using a damp wash cloth to any makeup stain and rub until it starts to lift. This method can be used on most clothes, pillows, blankets and sheets.

4. It hides split ends.

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Split ends are a nightmare, but we don’t always get time to go to the hairdresser and have them fixed. In the meantime, Vaseline is the perfect solution for hiding them. Just rub a very small amount onto the ends of your hair, disguising those ends. Remember not to put on too much, or you’ll end up with a greasy do.

3. It improves fake tan.

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When you use fake tanning spray, dry areas of your body tend not to absorb the tanning solution as well, which leaves you with splotchy coverage that fools nobody. Solve this problem by applying Vaseline to those areas to plump them full of moisture before you tan. Nobody will ever know.

2. It protects new ink.

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If you’ve got a new tattoo, you’ll need to keep it protected from the many germs and diseases in the big wide world. Vaseline is the tool for the job. Make sure your tattooist agrees (some inks may vary), and then rub Vaseline all over your new work as it’s healing. This will keep the skin moist, and the tattoo safe.

1. It’s an all over moisturiser.

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Let’s be honest, Vaseline is just a great moisturiser everywhere. You can put it on your body, feet, hands and face. It soaks into the skin really well, and doesn’t tend to leave your pores blocked. Just remember that if you put on too much, you will probably feel a little greasy. Quantity is key!


What other uses for Vaseline do you know of? Share it with us!

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