20 Ways to Become a Mermaid at Any Age (Page 2)

6. Mermaid Scale Nail Art

Wear your love for mermaids on your nails with this mermaid scale nail art that’s perfect for a magical evening.

Available from Xromapolishandvinyls – $5.00

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7. Mermaid Tail Fan Brush

Makeup lovers will definitely want to get this cute mermaid tail fan brush that will remove excess makeup glitter for that perfect mermaid glow on your face.

Available from AuraNailCo – $6.00

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8. Mermaid Bow

Excite your little girls with this cute mermaid bow accented with sea blue glitter.

Available from PeekabowBowtiqueAu – $6.00

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9. Mermaid Soap

Make bathtime a fun time for the kids with this adorable mermaid soap.

Available from Bubblelanesoap – $8.50

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10. Mermaid Teacup and Saucer

Mornings will always be magical with this lovely mermaid teacup and saucer.

Available from QuirkyCupCo – $44.95

Stay At Home Mum
via etsy.com

Mermaid-themed clothing for the women in your life, next!

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