8 Best Ring Lights to Buy for The Perfect Selfie

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8 Best Ring Lights to Buy for The Perfect Selfie

The Best Ring Lights to Buy: The Secret To Getting The Perfect Selfie

Ring Lights have been used by photographers for a long time, but in recent years, influencers have caught onto how amazing ring lights are. They can even out lighting and remove odd shadows, creating very flattering selfies. Ring Lights are a staple of bloggers, influencers, and selfie lovers.

How to buy a good Ring Light?

  • A ring light is literally as it sounds, a ring of light with a hole in the middle. They come in a variety of sizes, the most common sizes are 12, 14, and 18 inches. For selfies, a 12-inch ring light is usually recommended.
  • The wider the light, the better it is forgiving off a soft light, where overall large ring lights are great for videos. Often, they have rechargeable batteries and a power adapter.
  • Many of the ring lights on the market at the moment are dimmable, which is great if you want to control the amount of light you want to use. Look for LED lights, they are usually dimmable.

Buying a Ring Light? Our Recommendations:

Spreety 12″ Ring Light 

Price: $79.99

This 12″ ring light from Spreety, comes with LED bulbs that can adjust colour and temperature. The stand is easy to use and rotate, making it perfect for creating beautiful soft lighting. It has built-in controls to get the perfect selfie. As an extra, it also comes with 3 phone holders. Read More >

61Rb1i7 QOL. AC SL1000 | Stay at Home
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Yescom 13″ Ring Light 

Price: $107.90

The Yescom 13″ ring light actually comes with different colors of light you can choose from. It has 7 colour modes to experiment with lighting while taking photos. This ring light has LED lighting that is dimmable. It comes with an easily moveable and adjustable tripod. It’s nice and easy to transport as it comes with a handy little carry case. Read More >

01rlk006 13 | Stay at Home
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Asakuki 6.3″ Ring Light with Tripod and Phone Holder 

Price: $43.99

While this is ring light is smaller, it’s still just as effective and also budget-friendly! Being so small, it’s perfect to keep in your handbag and on the go! It has 11 different light settings and comes with a tripod. If you are looking for a basic ring light to get started or just to try it out, this one is great. Read More >

UBeesize Light Ring | Stay at Home
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This ring light is a bit bigger, so it’s great if you want to create a permanent set up at home. The LED lights are dimmable buy you can also adjust the temperature of the colour to create that perfect selfie. It’s the complete package with a phone holder, tripod, and camera holder included.  The tripod can stretch from 50cm to 200cm, so you can get lighting at just the right angle. Read More >

Homedics Radiance Beauty Ring Light

Price: $34.00

Homedics are a beauty brand that have a range of products on the market. This ring light is so easy to use and can be attached to your phone, laptop or camera. It has 3 adjustable light settings with 40 LED lights. It doesn’t come with a tripod or any other accessories because well, you don’t really need them. It’s a universal clip so it really can clip onto anything. Just turn it on via the power button and snap away! Read More >

50072612 733382 | Stay at Home
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Innogate 10″ Ring Light with Stand

Price: $44.00

This 10″ ring light is compact, easy to use and perfect for when you are on the go. It comes with a small tripod so you can easily set it up on your desk or wherever you need! The tripod is also flexible and can be bent at any angle depending on what you need. It has 11 brightness settings and 3 different colour modes – cold light / natural light / warm light. This ring light also includes a universal phone holder. Read More >

71AlYd2NTTL. AC SL1500 | Stay at Home
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Tango Tabletop Ring Light

Price: $24.99

This is another great tabletop ring light! It’s good quality and budget friendly too! This ring light is a ring light, with a phone holder in the centre. It has the standard 10 brightness settings and 3 colour modes. The mini tripod has no slipping footing so you can use it inside or outside. Use it as a desktop lamp if you want to! Read More >

5f8d55d58de4a617769737 | Stay at Home
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Cygnett V-Pro 10″ Selfie Ring Light & Remote 

Price: $99.85

The 10″ Ring Light comes with a bluetooth remote, so it’s nice and simple to take the perfect selfie. You can adjust both the brightness and the colour settings. The tripod is adjustable so you can have it any position that you need. The ring light itself has 120 LED lights inside, so the light is high quality and effective. Read More >

50073278 741182 | Stay at Home
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8 Best Ring Lights to buy: For The Perfect Selfie | Stay at Home Mum

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