What To Do With Grey Hair…Down There.

It can be a shock to find that first grey hair, but what about finding one down there?

Just as the natural process of ageing can cause the hair on your head to turn grey, it can also lead to grey hairs appearing in your…. ahem, cough, okay let’s just come right out and say it… pubic area.

It may not be one of those topics we talk about over coffee with friends or at the bus stop with other school mums, but finding a grey pubic hair is completely normal. And, like it or not, as you age, you may even find the greys outnumbering the rest.

Grey hairs generally begin to pop up by about your late-twenties, for women, and a bit earlier for men. This of course, depends on your genes, and can happen much earlier or significantly later in life.

Apparently it’s your nose hairs that grey first. The hair on your head comes next, followed by body hair and eyebrows. Scientifically, the grey is a result of your hair losing its colour, rather than changing colour, and it’s not a reversible process.

Don’t want to age gracefully, even down there?

There are a few options you might like to consider, for dealing with those unwanted little greys:


If you only discover one or two, plucking is probably the simplest removal method. While hair experts advise against plucking hairs from your head (continued plucking can cause the hair to stop growing in that area) you may consider it a risk worth taking, when it comes to your nether region.

Hair dye:

Yes, it is possible to dye pubic hair, but don’t use regular hair dye. Believe it or not there are specific products designed for those who wish to colour their pubic hair. Betty (“colour for the hair down there”) is a well-known brand, and comes in all the regular colours, as well as pink, aqua blue, lilac and ruby red!


If you’re really brave, there’s always the ‘Hollywood’ or the ‘Brazillian’. Yes, that means going bald down there. And yes, that involves someone smearing hot wax on strips of material which are then applied to your pubic region and…. well, enough said. You get the picture.

Of course, you may choose to do nothing. After all, aging is normal and natural; why fight the inevitable?

In any event, since your pubic hair isn’t on display 24/7 like the hair on your head (well, for most of us, anyway), who’s really going to see it?

And will he or she really care?

Article by Linda Hoadley
Linda is a Mum of three girls and lives in Taree, New South Wales.


What To Do With Grey Hair...Down There.

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