How to Cut a Fringe at Home

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How to Cut a Fringe at Home

How to Cut a Fringe at Home

How many times have you cut your own hair and it ended up a disaster (hand goes up!!)

I’ve done it so many times now I can’t even count.  I do recall having waist length plaits and snipping them off with Mum’s sewing scissors and wondered why my poor Mother cried every time she saw me with my lopsided bob that fell just below my ears.

I like to think I’ve grown up a bit now – and I have been growing my hair for over two years.  But one thing – I’ve also been cutting my own fringe.  And it works and looks amazing!

My tips are:

  • Have a good, sharp pair of hairdressing scissors.  If you are trying to save money – these are essential.  You can pick up a pair at most chemists or for a really shit hot hairdresser quality style pair, try Cherry Birch.
  • Less is more.  When in doubt, go long.  A longer fridge can be chopped, a shorter fringe cannot!
  • If you aren’t comfortable enough to give it a go – visit your hairdresser instead!  You see, I’m game to try anything!


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