How to Make Big Bouncy Hair Curls

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How to Make Big Bouncy Hair Curls

Having big, voluminous hair curls puts you in the league with these famous celebrities wearing the big bouncy curls that every other girl would die for.

It’s not just Angelina Jolie’s pouty lips that every woman would want to have, it’s also her elegant hair curls that define her regal face.

How to Make Big Bouncy Curls

How about Jessica Alba’s loose waves that match perfectly with her shapely figure?

How to Make Big Bouncy Curls

If you want to get that “umph!” to your look, here’s a quick and easy limp hair solution to make you worthy of that red-carpet treatment — one that you can definitely do at home.

Joy La Rosa, Red Carpet Hair and Make Up Artist teaches us how to fake a round brush blowout using a curling iron. Watch the video tutorial and just follow the easy steps to gorgeousness!

1. Take a section on top of the head, going from one recession point to another recession point and clip the hair you gathered. This is where you’re going to get all the volume.

2. Make another section from the top of the head up to the hair just above the ear.

3. Lift and brush the hair up.

How to Make Big Bouncy Curls4. Curl your hair using a curling iron focusing on the roots and working your way down to the tips. This is where you will get all your lift. Make sure the curl is warm enough and the hair is wrapped all the way through to the ends.

5. Slide off the curling iron then take a double-clip to secure the curl.

6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 all the way around the middle section of the head.

How to Make Big Bouncy Curl

7. Just curl the rest of the hair at the bottom part using a curling iron since you’re not going to get much volume from it.

8. Go back to the section you did at the top of the head. Divide it horizontally into three, starting at the front.

9. To get a little swoop over the forehead, direct your curling iron a little lower than the rest and repeat steps 2 to 5. Do the same steps for the next two divisions.

How to Make Big Bouncy Curls

10. Let the curls cool to make the curls bouncier and last longer.

11. Take out all the pins and tousle through the hair by breaking it with your hand. Don’t be afraid to take too much of the texture out because you let it cool completely.

How to Make Big Bouncy Curls

12. Once you achieved your desired bounce and curl, take a nourishing serum and run it all the way through your hair.

How to Make Big Bouncy Curls

In just a few minutes, your hair has turned from dull to wow!

Don’t you just love looking sexy?

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