Step Up Your Spring Skincare Routine with TrilogyDry, flaky skin? Eeeek!

Winter is nearly gone, Spring is nearly here!

For some women, it’s time to rejoice. We can put away our scarves, coats and boots and start thinking about that strappy little number you can wear with sandles.

For many women over 30, winter leaves our skin dry and rough. Gone is the dewy, fresh summer complexion and in its place, is dry flaky skin that needs a little more attention. If we want to be Spring ready, we need to bring out the big guns.  And those big guns can be bought at your local pharmacy! #winning

trilogy skincare | Stay at Home Mum

My Skincare Must Have List:

I’m really picking when it comes to putting things on my face.  I have ‘standards’ – high ones.  I’m especially fussy with full skincare regimes as your face is everything!  My skincare must-have list includes:

Must be Natural! Not JUST Natural – Certified Natural!

I want to be able to read the ingredients and actually understand what it means.  It is fantastic that more and more natural skincare lines are coming onto the market, but Trilogy has always been natural from the start.

Must be Affordable

I have high standards with what I want in a skincare range, but I’m on a beer budget.  So it has to be affordable.

Easily Available

I don’t want to ‘Have a party’ and be sent my skincare.  When I run out, I want to be able to get it somewhere locally – when I want to.  The fact that Trilogy is available in most pharmacies makes a huge difference.  I’m not going to send away for products and have them arrive in a week – I want it now dammit!!!!!

Trilogy Skincare

As a mum of two boys who has just tipped over the big 40 milestone, I am always looking for products that will help disguise the fact that I am constantly tired and my skin is drier than ever.  I want something gentle, but that packs a punch when it comes to my addressing that dryness issue.

Trilogy is a skincare brand that I’m already well familiar with.  I used the cleanser for years because it smelt amazing without being over-powering.  It could get off stubborn makeup (even mascara), and didn’t leave my face feeling pulled and tight.

But they now have a huge number of products including a sensitive range!!! Read all about my road-test of some of their products. Plus we have something special for SAHM readers….

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Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

Pure Rosehip Oil – this oil is great for applying to scars and stretch marks – but I actually loved using it as a hand cream.  My hands get terribly dry, and I find most hand creams leave a real greasy feel afterwards (and I type all day – so that ain’t gunna work!).  The Rosehip Oil just soaks right in, it made my hands lovely and soft and non-greasy.

It is also awesome for dry cracked lips!

I also loved using this at the end of the day if my skin felt extra dry, I’d just put a few drops in my hands, warm up the oil and rub it into those dry spots (cheeks and forehead).  Delicious!

Trilogy Cream Cleanser – 200ml

cream cleanser | Stay at Home Mum

This is the cleanser I was talking about earlier on – it is just brilliant.  It contains ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil and Evening Primrose Oil.  Yum!

It has been a part of my daily skincare routine for years – and the smell – is heavenly!

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream – 60ml


Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

This is the creme de la creme of the Trilogy range… Rich and delicious – it is meant for the skin on your face – it helps with moisturizing and eases fine lines and wrinkles. I used it that way, but I also am a compulsive cuticle chewer – until they bleed.  I rubbed in some of this gorgeous oil into my cuticles at night and it made a HUGE difference…  My cuticles became so soft that I didn’t feel the need to chew them.

But onto what it was intended for – it really brightened the skin overnight and made it so soft and bright.  Like a night cream, but not as heavy, and it just sinks into the skin… beautiful!

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil | Stay at Home Mum


An easy, light and yummy moisturiser.  I use it both morning and night – of course, they have night creams available… but as a busy Mum, I like to keep my skincare regime really simple!  This tiny tub will last you for AGES!

My Verdict:

As far as beautiful and affordable skincare goes, I think you can’t go past Trilogy.  It works, it smells incredible and it is natural at the right price.  I’m keen to try out the rest of the range!

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