Synext: The Newest Anti-Ageing Supplement on the Market

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Synext: The Newest Anti-Ageing Supplement on the Market

In a world where we prioritise looking and feeling our best, the supplement industry in Australia has exponentially grown over the years as our fascination with living a healthier life has led to a push beyond the mainstream of diets and exercise.

Supplements play a crucial role in daily routines and lifestyles for individuals of all age demographics – health and looking after our bodies inside and out have never been more emphasised and there is one product that is changing and challenging the playing field amongst a highly saturated market of supplements. 


Dedicated to researching and developing high-quality and scientifically-proven health and beauty products, Biogency is an Australian local biotechnology research, development and supply company made up of leading healthcare professionals, academic researchers and naturopaths with the vision of creating the most innovative and effective health and beauty products.  

The Founders of Biogency are a group of PhD graduates from the University of Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy specialising their studies in anti-aging; their vision for Biogency was sparked when an age reversing molecule had been discovered in Australia, but only animal results had been proven. This was a pinnacle moment for Research and Development director Guanchen Sun and co-founders as they were curious about the research and the effects of molecule’s (NAD+) anti-ageing properties.

This ultimately led to the creation of Australia’s first NAD+ compounding formula supplement with multiple key ingredients created by the Sydney-based Biogency team, Synext.  


Synext is a supplement that combines an array of active ingredients that activates the AMPK pathway of the body to trigger a series of positive cellular activities related to anti-ageing. The research combines two  of the most promising theories in anti-ageing studies:  

1. Increasing NAD+ Levels

Among other ingredients, the drug uses Niacin as a supplement to boost nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) levels in the body, which subsequently generates anti-ageing benefits for the body. Dr Sun, Biogency’s R&D leader comments on how rises in NAD+ levels can  increase a variety of functions in the body: “You will feel your energy levels improve, more stamina,  faster recovery, better sleep, reduced brain fog” … “essentially, you are rewinding your biological  clock.”  

2. Removal of Senescent Cells (Ageing Cells)

During aging, our immune system becomes compromised and cannot clear these senescent cells effectively. As a result, they accumulate and can cause age-related health issues, especially problems with the heart and bones. Synext’s active formula contains a  combination of ingredients and antioxidants to support heart function and improve bone health.  

Some key TGA-approved benefits of Synext include:  

– Supports Cardiovascular health 

– Reduces symptoms of mild Arthritis 

– Maintains skin health and supports blood capillary health 

– Supports energy production 

– Relieves inflammation 

Combined with other potent antioxidants, Synext tablets can synergistically combat the aging process and reduce the prevalence of free radicals formed in the body. With fifteen active ingredients, leading the mix are Niacin, Quercetin and Curcumin which are research-backed to help formulate an effective blend. Contrary to competing products that only include one ingredient, Synext takes advantage of the synergistic effect of fifteen key ingredients that cover all metabolic pathways related to anti-aging.  

Biogency is committed to developing the most innovative and effective health and beauty products that combine a vast range of benefits. Australian made, Biogency is dedicated to becoming the bringer of healthy life. 

Where to Buy Synext:

Synext can be purchased online at Biogency.

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