The Secret To How Hardworking Mums Look Amazing Every day

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The Secret To How Hardworking Mums Look Amazing Every day

Interrupted sleep, long days at work and schedules so busy it’s a wonder they have time to pee how do those miracle mums look so damn good day after day?

When Miss One vomited all night long and screamed blue-bloody-murder because her cuddly llama had to take a swim in the washing machine, I aged overnight. And when Master Two’s molars erupted during the entire Christmas holiday period more wrinkles appeared, especially under my eyes. It seems that every time I get stressed or sleep deprived, my skin announces to the world that I’ve had another crappy night. 

But mine aren’t the only kids who get gastro and have a tough time with teething, so why do I always seem to look bad and these other mums look amazing every day? Maintenance, that’s why. Marked in their electronic diaries are their monthly skincare appointments at advanced skincare clinics like Clear Skincare Clinics.

The Secret To How Hardworking Mums Look Amazing Every day

Scheduling a series of treatments designed to regenerate, rejuvenate and replenish tired skin is apparently what helps to retain that ‘youthful glow’ – which sounds like a cliché thing Nanna would say, but it’s actually what we all want.

After Saturday morning bootcamp or before Monday school pickup, the smart mums are down at Clear Skincare Clinics getting their course of Dermapen, Hydrodermabrasion or LED light treatments, perhaps even an RF Lift & Restore Facial or the Q-Switch Laser Toning. Regular anti-ageing treatments like these and others are designed to reduce the many signs of ageing which can be accelerated by lack of sleep, stress, poor diet and insufficient hydration. That is certainly the story my face is telling! 

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I blame parenthood, but maybe it’s just a simple fact of getting older, who knows. Regardless, it is definitely time to do a little more for my face than a quick swipe with micellar wet wipes at night and a dash of BB cream before the morning school run.

There are so many solutions to countless skin problems, I’d be mad not to join the glam mums club and try the Dermapen or microdermabrasion to refresh my tired, dull skin and improve its texture. Or I could easily lie back and relax beneath a red LED light to boost my collagen production, so that my skin appears smoother and firmer. A power nap isn’t out of the question beneath that lovely warm light either!

Apparently, RF (radio frequency) facials use heat energy to firm and plump the skin, giving it a mega pick-me-up. Now that sounds like something I should try after my morning skinny cappuccino. A shot of plumper, rejuvenated and renewed skin? Yes please!

There are other safe and clinically proven treatments to clear skin congestion, deeply exfoliate, refine open pores, hydrate, improve texture and encourage our skin to naturally renew itself. I mean, we work out to improve our physical fitness, so why not work on our “skin fitness” too? 

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There are some pretty interesting and innovative skincare products around as well, which protect and revive the skin with things like copper peptides, apple stem cells and hyaluronic acid to name a few. I’m definitely going to find my nearest Clear Skincare Clinic and try those serums.

That’s how other mums are getting rid of the fine lines and wrinkles, those pesky pigmentation marks, ugly open pores and sadly sagging skin. It’s why their skin appears firmer, smoother and, dare I say it more youthful than mine.

But now I know their secret”¦

The Secret To How Hardworking Mums Look Amazing Every day

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