22 Flattering Swimwear Options for any Body Shape

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22 Flattering Swimwear Options for any Body Shape

Bask in the sun and enjoy the beauty of the beach in these flattering swimwear outfits!

Finding figure-flattering swimwear is like a chore for us women…and sometimes the most frustrating thing to do! But worry no more because we’ve gathered these flattering swimwear options for summer that you can find inspiration! Weather it’s your arms you’re worried about or your thighs, we have you sorted it. You will be out in the sun, enjoying a drink by the pool in the no time!

Worried about Your Tuck-Shop Lady Arms?

Swimsuit shopping can be intimidating for women with batwings. They are so damn embarrassing.  Tuck Shop lady arms are usually caused by ageing or losing weight quickly.  But don’t panic – once you find a style that flatters your shape that takes away the focus from the arms or even hide your arms, for sure, you’ll be flaunting the beach regally!

Check out these arm hiding swimwear pieces below!

1. Runtlly Women Rash Long Sleeve Swimsuit


This swimsuit is gorgeous! The pattern is stunning! It’s a long sleeve swimsuit and comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Perfect for a relaxing day at the beach. Read More >

Runtlly Women Rash Long Sleeve Swimsuit | Stay At Home Mum
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2. Womens Endurance Paddlesuit 


If you are looking for something more high quality and practical, this swimsuit is great. It’s fabric is designed to provide you with extra protection against the sun as well as being comfortable and long lasting! Speedo never disappoints! Read More >

Womens Endurance Paddlesuit  | Stay At Home Mum
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3. LaSculpte Full Zip Front Swimwear Rash


This rash top has a pretty floral pattern on the shoulders. Perfect for keeping sunsafe, just style with some nice bikini briefs or board shorts.This rash is avaliable in sizes ranging from 8 to 18. Read More >

LaSculpte Full Zip Front Swimwear Rash | Stay At Home Mum
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4. Daci Women’s One Piece Long Sleeve


Blue is such a flattering colour, and patterns can help bring attention away from your arms. The fabric is made with UPF 50+ and designed to be comfortable and light. Such a pretty swimsuit! Read More >

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5. Artesands Short Sleeve Sunsafe Top 


This stunning. blue rash top is made of high quality stretchy fabric, with a full front zip. The pattern would look great with some black board shorts or bikini briefs! Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore stock a variety of sizes to suit all body shapes. Read More >


Artesands Short Sleeve Sunsafe Top | Stay At Home Mum
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Worried about No Boobs?

Ditch the thinking that swimwears are just for the busty type gals. Yes, that’s right! There are a lot of trendy swimwear styles for those with the small best cup sizes. Tiny tops and unique shapes are cute and because summer is nudging you to enjoy the beach, own it and rock daringly with these sexy bikinis, tops and onesies.

6. Wildflower Balconette


A balconette is designed to give a ‘bustier’ look. The bikini top has underwire helping provide extra support and give you more of a “perky” look. This balconette is made from Peony, a designer swimsuit label that makes everything from recyclable and sustainable fabrics. Read More >

7. Solid Off-Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit


This one piece is so cute! The shoulder ruffles give the one – piece a different texture, also adding some curve. You can purchase this one piece in two pattern styles and it’s sizes range from S to XL. Read More >
This bikini is absolutely stunning! You will be turning heads in this gorgeous colour. The frills at the bottom of the bikini top add an extra flare. Comes in sizes ranging from size 6 to size 20. Read More >

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Worried about your bloated belly in swimwear? 

Bloated belly kills confidence especially for those who loves the beach but cannot wear their favourite swimwears. But luckily, thanks to inspiring designers for they created these lovely bottoms that can shape your tummy even more sexier than ever! You can even find really flattering swim dresses now, that will have you back on the beach in no time!

9. Artesands Swim-dress


This swim dress is really flattering, the pattern is subtle but trendy! With no underwire, its comfortable and suits cup sizes ranging from D to G. Read More >


Artesands Swim-dress | Stay At Home Mum
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10. Elomi Swim Essential High Rise Brief


The Elomi Swim High Rise Brief is designed to support and smooth out your stomach. These high waisted bikini bottoms will reach right up to the underwire of your bikini top, so style it with whatever bikini top you like. Read More >

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11. Fantasie Swim Twist Front Tankini 


The twist in the fabric at the front will help give you a sexy shape and flattening your tummy! The Pacific blue is so stunning and so flattering! This tankini comes in sizes ranging from 10 – 16. Read More >

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Worried about your Big Boobs in swimwear?

If some ladies think that for busty women, finding the right swimwear is easy peasy, think again…it is definitely NOT. It’s quite different when it comes to finding the right fit bra. If you’re a busty woman, you can really relate to this. And it’s a trial and error when looking for the perfect fit and the right supportive swimwear. Check these items below and try on these supportive swimwear for the busty women.

13. Elomi Swim magnetic Underwire Bikini Top


This bikini top will help support you with underwire, and extra elastic around the neckline and backline. The shoulder straps are also adjustable. Available in sizes ranging from 12 – 22. Read More >

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14. Freya Swim Jewel Cove Halter Bikini Top 


Talk about cute! This halter bikini has the cutest pattern! This halter bikini top comes in bra sizes up to a H, with thick neck straps and underwire you can guaranteed to feel supported and comfortable. Read More >

Freya Swim Jewel Cove Halter Bikini Top | Stay At Home Mum
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15. Seafolly Halter Bikini Top 


For a bit of extra colour, this bikini top is the one! It has a beautiful teal floral pattern that will look amazing! This bikini top is available in bra sizes up to an F. Read More >

Seafolly Halter Bikini Top | Stay At Home Mum
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16. Elomi Swim Zulu Non-Underwired Moulded Swimsuit


This beautiful one piece has a stunning pattern. The side wrap gives it somethings a bit extra as well! This one piece is available in sizes ranging from size 16 – 20. Read More >

Elomi Swim Zulu Non-Underwired Moulded Swimsuit | Stay At Home Mum
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17. DI AN Front Cross One Piece 


This swimsuit is quite sexy! With front straps, it shows a tiny bit of cleavage but still offers you amazing support and tummy control. You can select a ton of different patterns and colours to suit your taste. Read More >


DI AN Front Cross One Piece | Stay At Home Mum
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Worried about your thighs in swimwear?

Having skinny thighs and elongated legs and you can’t pick the right swimwear you can confidently rock on the beach? Don’t worry, the secret in this is about balance that can create an illusion in your shape. Try on a short that fits perfectly and compliments your hips and legs.

18. Azura Black Drawstring Swim Shorts 


If you feel more comfortable in looser fitting shorts, these swim shorts are great. They also have an elastic drawstring at the waistband. These swim shorts come in sizes ranging from S to XXXL. Read More >

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19. LaSculpte Womens Boyleg Swim Shorts 


These boyleg swim shorts will help smooth out and shape your curves. They are a regular rise, with an elastic waistband. Just pop a nice rash on, or a bikini top and you’ll be set for the perfect day at the beach. These shorts come in sizes 8 – 16. Read More >


LaSculpte Womens Boyleg Swim Shorts | Stay At Home Mum
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Always choose the swimwear that shows off your shape and makes you look smokin’ hot!


23 Flattering Swimwear Options for Summer | Stay at Home

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