5 Fashion Fixes For Mummy Misfortunes

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5 Fashion Fixes For Mummy Misfortunes

I look in my wardrobe and have to veto about half of it. If I have to wonder if I can still pull it off, then chances are the answer is no.

Some no longer fits the same way it used to, some fall into the ‘what ever possessed me’ category, and some is simply not practical to wear while making a play doh tea party and finger painting. Bon voyage white silk blouse and linen trousers, have a wonderful trip to the back of the closet until the kids have graduated high school…

I think the biggest problem I have since becoming a mum, being pregnant and or breastfeeding the last three years,  is that on the rare occasions I do leave the house to go somewhere nice, I don’t have anything suitable. I seldom shop for myself either and despise paying full retail price for, well, pretty much anything! And it is almost impossible to get out of the house with little kids to go and try on a dress.

So of course the first of my 5 fashion fixes for mummy misfortunes is:

Shop Online

I love, it is a one stop online shop that pulls the sales from over 110 brands into the one place for easy peasy discount shopping. I picked myself up a new pair of $190 jeans for $40, hello bargain!

Natural Fibres For Airflow

As we know ladies, we’re often a bundle of hormones. If you are prone to getting a little flush then stick to natural fibres to keep cool. Try this linen dress, $69.95 down to $19.95.

5 Fashion Fixes For Mummy Misfortune | Stay At Home Mum

Zips For Breastfeeding

Buttons are a ball ache. And no one wants to see my jiggle belly when I lift up my shirt to feed. Zips are the way forward, I promise you! I had a couple of zip feature tops and dresses that I could rotate when we went somewhere that required attire more stylish than yoga pants. Try this zip front floral number, $117 down to $30 and free shipping!

5 Fashion Fixes For Mummy Misfortune | Stay At Home Mum

Prints To Hide Sticky Finger Sins

Never wear black around a child who is eating a teddy bear biscuit. It is the law of nature that you will end up with a questionable, light coloured and crunchy second hand smear when the child wipes their hands and face on you.

Got Grey?

The plain grey tee is a thing of beauty, it hides pretty much everything, it is seriously VERY forgiving! I only have, like, 7. Perfect to dress up or down, this particular tee is made from bamboo which is a really light natural fibre that is flattering on anybody. Was $29, now $20.

5 Fashion Fixes For Mummy Misfortune | Stay At Home Mum


And a bonus tip, always carry wet wipes. They will help mop up a mess in a minute!


What’s your top mummy fashion fix?

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