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50 Of The Most Popular Mermaid-Style Wedding DressesRemember Kim Kardashian's wedding with Kris Humphries?

Mermaids are my most loved mythical creatures and I guess it won’t hurt if I try to increase their popularity through showcasing some mermaid wedding dresses that I really love. 

They are downright sexy but also versatile. If you aren’t sure what a mermaid dress is, it’s basically a dress that is closely fitted at the bodice down to somewhere between the hip the knee, where it flares out. These dresses are sometimes referred to as trumpet dresses, but we much prefer mermaid!

Here are 50 of the most stunning mermaid-style wedding dresses that we could find!

50 of The Most Popular Mermaid Wedding Dresses


Would you consider a mermaid-style wedding dress for your wedding day?

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