This is Why You Should Go CommandoBecause women who ditch the undies don't get their knickers in a knot.

Let’s admit it, at some point in our lives, we’ve all gone without underwear.

It might have been for a dare, it might have been for a partner, or it might have been because you just didn’t have any clean knickers left.

But, whether it was yesterday or a few years ago, we’ve all gone commando.

How did it feel? Was it totally freeing? Or majorly uncomfortable? Did you worry that others around you would find out? Or did you revel in the idea? Well, if you’re not a fan of going commando, we’re about to tell you why you should literally lose it.

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1. It’s comfortable.

It’s hard to explain just why it’s comfortable, but in the right outfit, going commando is just a breeze (literally). We’d recommend avoiding overly tight jeans on the days you’re flying free to get the most comfortable wear experience. The feeling of the material on your skin, and the little buzzes of pleasure when something just rubs you the right way. Well, it’s positively delightful.

2. Infection is not an issue.

Women worry about infections in the downstairs, and we aren’t surprised. There’s nothing more annoying, and uncomfortable than suffering from an infection in your lady bits. But, despite what you might have heard, there’s no connection between not wearing underwear and getting infections. During your period might be an exception, but many experts accept that not wearing underwear actually lessens your risk of infection. Without the irritation and itchiness underwear causes, your lady bits may be much better off.

3. You’ll feel great.

If you’ve not been feeling very sexy of late, maybe a little bit of commando is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Yes, this a great, free way to feel better about yourself, instead of heading out and buying some expensive lacy panties. Just slip on your outfit without the undies and spend the day feeling positively sexy, and maybe just a little big naughty with yourself.

4. The no underwear line

Is there anything worse than stepping out in public and seeing someone very clearly showing their underwear off to the world. All you can think is, how could they not have noticed that you can totally see their bright purple underwear through that outfit? What’s even worse is when it’s you. That sexy cocktail dress you bought for the Christmas party doesn’t look half as good with the seams of your granny panties sticking out, so why not go without?

5. Your partner will love it.

If you happen to mention to your man/woman that you’ve decided to go commando, make sure you catch his/her jaw before it hits the floor.

To spice things up in the bedroom, why not tell him/her in the morning before you head out the door, and make him/her wait until the evening to see it in practice.

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6. It’s good practice.

We’ve all bought a great outfit only to realise later that there’s no way you can wear it with underwear. It might be that you can’t comfortably fit anymore layers of clothing into those pants, or it might be that the colour just doesn’t allow for underwear at all. Whatever the reason, getting some practice going commando means you won’t feel so weird when it comes time to rock that panty-less outfit.

7. Sometimes, there’s no other option.

It’s Wednesday, you’ve had a thousand things on your mind, and you realise that every single one of your underwear is either in the middle of being washed, or filthy dirty in the hamper. What can you possibly do? You don’t want to sit inside all day and wait for things to dry, you’re not wearing it dirty, and you certainly can’t wear it sopping wet from the machine. Well, don’t stress! Instead try it commando and see how it goes. You might just never wash underwear again!

8. It’s not taboo.

One of the biggest limitations to women embracing a commando existence is that they feel like they’re doing something wrong. And to be honest, we aren’t surprised. In the media, women are ‘press-bashed’ as sluts and worse if they happen to step out without underwear, even if their outfits restrict them from wearing it. We’re remembering a certain moment that 90s pop icon Britney Spears was photographed getting out of a car with no underwear on. That’s right. Society blame the girl for letting her lady garden out into the wind, not the creepy press for photographing up her skirt.

Underwear is optional.

So don’t let the idea that it’s taboo get you down, because there’s nothing more natural, or more freeing, than enjoying a day without underwear. Or maybe a week, or longer. You’re free to give it a go, or take a pass, but it’s certainly something you should think about.

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Tell us, have you ever gone commando?

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