5 Easy but Gorgeous Autumn Fashion Trends For Mums

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5 Easy but Gorgeous Autumn Fashion Trends For Mums

5. The everything together look

From leather jackets to thick, woolly cardigans and sleeveless knits, mixing up these textures with woven tapestry fabrics, subtle animal prints and suedes is super easy every day wear. When mixing everything up and layering, keep your colour palette earthy and neutral. A great mix and match layering look; long sleeve black dress, wool gilet over the top, scarf with chunky suede ankle boots.

Stay At Home Mum
Stay At Home Mum
Stay At Home Mum

A few tips for this season

1. Invest in a few quality, durable pieces that will last you a long time, but can be versatile.

2. When buying an outfit, top, or whatever, think about how many different occasions it will suit.

3. Inject some colour. This autumn colours are khaki, blues, oranges and yellows embrace them.

4. Dress up a little.

5. Stay true to yourself.

6. Pattern, prints and layering will be your best friend this season.

7. Don’t be afraid to mix cheap with expensive (I love saying this is K-Mart with Sass n’ Bide pants).

Stay at home mums no longer fit into the demographic of glossy mags and our lifestyles certainly don’t, that is for sure, but I think we should still pop on some lippy and get something nice out to wear every day… most days… ok well, at least sometimes.

Do you have any fashion tips for mums to still look best?

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