10 Best Bamboo Clothing Stores in Australia

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10 Best Bamboo Clothing Stores in Australia

Best Online Stores to Buy Bamboo Clothing in Australia. Our list of the Best Bamboo Clothing Retailers.

There is a stack of amazing benefits of bamboo clothing, and it isn’t just about how sustainable bamboo clothing is, either. Bamboo is a popular clothing choice for people who are environmentally conscious, love the soft, breezy feel and also for allergy sufferers.

Goodnight Sleep Pant by Boody Bamboo Clothing

Goodnight Sleep Pants in Bamboo by Boody

Why Choose Bamboo Clothing? 

When you think of bamboo, you probably get an image of an adorable panda near some green bamboo. I mean, who doesn’t love Panda videos, right?

It isn’t just clothing that Bamboo is good for it’s also been used for the following:

  • Food for animals (like the Panda)
  • Musical Instruments
  • Weapons
  • Cutting Boards
  • Medicine

Turns out, there are over 1,400 different species of bamboo, with some only growing to be 15cm tall and others growing to be 40 metres tall! Each species has the ability to serve a different purpose, and bamboo has been used for a variety of things for centuries. The most common places that bamboo will grow is Japan, India, The United States and some parts of Australia. It typically will grow in a warmer climate.

Alright, so what makes bamboo clothing so special?

The fibres in bamboo clothing do not go through a chemical treating process, which means they feel softer, smoother and are less likely to irritate the skin. Some would say that the softness, is similar to that of silk. This qualifies bamboo fabrics to be hypoallergenic.

It’s designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Bamboo fabric has a real “light” feel which makes it amazingly sweat-absorbent, it’s also naturally UV protectant. Perfect if you’re outdoors, or like to keep active.

So, bamboo clothing sounds pretty amazing. I mean, I’ve got some amazing bamboo sheets already, but some bamboo clothing would be amazing.

List of the Best Online Stores to Buy Bamboo Clothing

Here are our top recommendations for the best stores to buy bamboo clothing:

1. Bamboo Body

Bamboo Body was founded by sisters Amanda and Elouise in 2005. It now holds the biggest range of bamboo clothing to buy in Australia.

They had the vision to create a retail fashion store that would supply functional and comfortable clothing perfect for hot Australian summers. After lots of research and decision making, they decided on bamboo fabrics.

2. Bamboo Village

Bamboo Village is an online store that offers a ton of different products made with bamboo. Including baby clothing, bath towels and bedsheets. Bamboo village works to stock a range of different brands, including Mulberry Threads Co, Lou Lou Australia and Bamboo Body! They also offer Zip Pay!

  • Buy Bamboo Clothing For: Women, Men, Children & Home
  • Bamboo Clothing Size Range: 4 – 18
  • Bamboo Clothing Price Range: $5.95 – $189.95

3. Boody

Boody, which sounds pretty cool to say is an in-store and online store that was created by two friends David and Neil, who had a passion for sustainable clothing. They joined up with their sons Shaun and Elliot, wanting to create everyday basic bamboo clothing that is now shipped to over 14 different countries around the world. Boody also has afterpay, perfect for a late-night shopping session on the couch. Read More >

  • Buy Bamboo Clothing For: Men, Women & Baby
  • Bamboo Clothing Size Range: 6 – 18 (W), XS – XXL (M)
  • Bamboo Clothing Price Range: $12.95 – $69.95
165923 | Stay at Home

4. Blue Bungalow

Blue Bungalow is a women’s retail store that stocks over 150 different brands of clothing. Although not just limited to providing bamboo clothing, they also stock a beautiful range of plus size clothing, linen clothing and accessories

  • Buy Bamboo Clothing For: Women 
  • Bamboo Clothing Size Range: 8 – 24
  • Bamboo Clothing Price Range: $29 – $400
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5. Bamboozled

Bamboozled is a menswear brand that focuses on men’s Bamboo Boxer Shorts, Socks and Jocks. They even have a few pairs of super cute men’s pyjamas.  The bamboo allows the men’s nads to breath!

Bamboozld - Jack Russell Bamboo Sleep Pants

Jack Russell Bamboo Sleep Pants by Bamboozld

Best Online Stores to Buy Bamboo Clothing in Australia | Stay at Home Mum

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