13 Best Winter Coats and Jackets You Shouldn’t Live Without

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13 Best Winter Coats and Jackets You Shouldn’t Live Without

Winter coats are not just a wardrobe investment, especially if you’re from the southern part of the country, it’s one thing that you shouldn’t live without!

Now that winter is coming, a winter coat is one of the precious items you need to dig up your closet to beat the season.

However, for some mums, a winter coat serves more than its original purpose, it’s the most stylish way to cover up, not only during the cold weather, but all the mess that your kids managed to wipe on you.

So mums now are looking for more than just comfort in a winter coat – one that is stylish but practical enough to fit your keys, phone, cash for a coffee and a small pack of baby wipes in the pockets.

Here, we selected the best winter coats that a mum shouldn’t live without.

Wunder Puff Jacket

Waterproof and designed to keep you warm even if it’s below zero degrees! A jacket that offers warmth and style in equal measure. Features include an extra cosy inner collar and hood for warmth, a cinchable waist and several pockets inside and outside to stuff in 3 matchbox cars, a packet of sultanas and a few tissues for wayward boogies.

Available at lululemon for $289

Wunder Puff Jacket

Define Jacket Luon

This jacket will make you warm and comfortable on a day of errands. It’s made of Luon fabric which is why it’s one of their bestsellers!

Get it for $129 – click here!

Define Jacket Luon | Stay At Home Mum

Orla Coat

Want this fancy winter coat? You know, to make you feel good even if you’re bloated from yesterday’s binge eating or to make up for only 3 hours of sleep.

Shop it here.

Princess Highway Orla Coat | MYER

Winter Warrior 3-in-1 Parka

Fully seam-sealed and made with silky-soft, water-resistant Glyde fabric. It has deep pockets, too. Win!

Available at lulemon

Winter Warrior 3-in-1 Parka | Stay At Home Mum

Lee Women’s Baggy Denim Jacket

On slightly cold days, this baggy denim jacket will make you look young and chic! You can two so that you can go twinning with your teen daughter.

I don’t think she’ll be too happy about it.

Available at Catch for just $89.95!

Lee Women's Baggy Denim Jacket | Stay At Home Mum

Oh So Sherpa Jacket

I highly recommend this sherpa coat for days when you’re in an absolute hurry and you can’t be bothered to think about what you should wear.

Get it here for just $189

Oh So Sherpa Jacket

Fleece Faux Fur Winter Hooded Coat

Just a tank top, jeans, boots and this quilted hooded jacket will make you look like a movie star!

Get this Faux Fur Coat at Catch!

Ladies Plus Size Hooded Jacket Women Casual Full Zipper Coat Mid-Length  Warm Wool Fleece Outerwear Jackets for Juniors Girls Plus Coat -

Camden Coat

This oversized, textured coat is made of wool and polyester. I love the details of this one.

Available at Princess Highway for $60.16

18 Princess highway autumn/winter 19 ideas | princess highway, princess,  winter

Eliza coat

This fancy coat from Princess Highway is a favourite! Where to wear it? Not sure, too. lol

Get it here.

Eliza coat | Stay At Home Mum

Slush Hour Parka

Pair it with your favourite jeans and a comfy pair of black trainers, or you could lob it over yoga pants because #MumLife.

Get this parka specifically in this colour – it’s just $249!

Slush Hour Parka | Stay At Home Mum

Reversible Fleece Jacket

Style yourself warm in the super comfortable Reversible Fleece Jacket. Wear yours with jeans for a stylish I-just-lost-a-battle-with-my-3-year-old look.

Get it here for just $189

Reversible Fleece Jacket

Down for It All Jacket

This lavender-coloured jacket is just lovely in the winter! If it’s snot or puke it won’t be that noticeable but if your toddler is covered in chocolate, let’s hope it is chocolate, then please avoid wearing this at all costs.

Get it here!

Down for It All Jacket | Stay At Home Mum

Push Your Pace Jacket

This women’s jacket is an absolute must for your winter wardrobe. Wear it with jeans and Chucks for no-fuss styling. You might also want to throw on a scarf to hide the stain where your toddler wiped their face on your shirt.

Available here for $219

Push Your Pace Jacket | Stay At Home Mum

What’s your go-to wear this winter?

13 Best Winter Coats and Jackets You Shouldn't Live Without | Stay At Home Mum

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