Buying The Right Swimwear To Suit Your Shape

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Buying The Right Swimwear To Suit Your Shape

I’ll be the first to admit, feeling sh*t hot in a bikini is practically impossible after having children. 

I’ll also admit that not everyone feels this way, which is freakin’ spectacular “” but for the few of us who have been left a little scarred and saggy, being this summer’s ultimate beach bunny doesn’t come easy.

However, in glorious world of fashion design, there are swimsuits that have been designed for the self-conscious and in case you were not aware of this until now, there are also different bikinis for different body shapes. Therefore, regardless of the way you might look, you can find a swimsuit that will not only look good on you, but also make you feel pretty damn hot!

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Learn how to choose the most flattering bathing suit for your figure by following these guidelines! Remember that you always have to choose what flatters you and not necessarily what is fashionable.

Triangular body shape

Buying The Right Bikini To Suit Your Shape

If your hips are larger than your bust and your waist is small, try choose a bikini that will to offer you the coverage you need for your butt. This means that you might have to purchase separate pieces in different sizes in order for them to match the size of your bottom, but also the one of your top. Try to bring the focus to your boobies. Although, typically on the smaller side, you can add a bit of padding, some ruffles and colour to emphasis the focus away from your hips. Also try for a fairly high-cut bottom to create the illusion of longer, leaner legs

Rectangular body shape

Buying The Right Bikini To Suit Your Shape

If you have broad shoulders and s small waist and hips, then you will want to try and add some curves to the equation, which isn’t too hard to achieve. Go for extras like ruffles, beading and pleating, they add bulk and visual interest, and can create the illusion of volume and at the same time draw attention to your bust and to your hips as well. If you’re more of a one-piece gal, go for something with a belt at the middle. However, if you want a two-piece bikini, you should choose one with a side-tie bottom and with a padding top. Another tip is to steer clear of bandeau tops, They’ll flatten you out even more up top.

Hourglass body shape

Buying The Right Bikini To Suit Your Shape

The envy of all women is to have an hourglass shape, so if this is you, congrats! An hourglass figure means your hips are almost or even equal in measurement to your bust, plus a nicely defined waist. Saying this, you can pretty much wear anything and look amazing, but if you’re really wanting to emphasise your womanly figure, look for string bikinis and halter tops that will allow you to show off your great body. If you are skinny, the classic bikini is the one for you. However, if you have a larger chest, you must find something able to offer you the support you need. A good point here is to stay away from stripes as they will take away from your natural curves!

Inverted triangle body shape

Buying The Right Bikini To Suit Your Shape

If you have small hips, a large chest and wide shoulders, it means that you must look for a bikini created for inverted triangle shapes. The top you choose must have straps and an under wire. If you cannot handle an under wire, look for something with thick straps and made from a thick fabric.

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In addition, make sure the top you choose can provide you the coverage you need. As far as the bottom part of your bikini goes, you can choose a string one without any problems. In addition, you can also choose different colours for the two parts and this way draw attention to your bottom half.

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So, do you have sexy bikini in mind?

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