Custom Made Designs in Jewellery: Tips and Tricks

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Custom Made Designs in Jewellery: Tips and Tricks

Custom Made Designs in Jewellery: Tips and Tricks

The process for making a custom made design for your jewellery can be really taxing and tends to take a lot of your time. There is so much variety and choice that couples often end up making terrible errors that haunt them later down the line. While we advise all couples to remain calm and collected through the process, we have also made a list of tips you should follow for custom-made jewellery.

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To make a final choice referring to qualified and high-level jewellery company, designing your ring, you should deal with the reputable brand, one of each is GS Diamonds Australia. The professional advice referring to the suitable custom designs and comprehensive approach from GS Diamonds specialists will provide you an understanding not just referring the styles, however the information about available settings and technical peculiarities. Designing the ring, please find some of our tips and tricks below:

Tip 1: Start Early

The last thing you want for a custom-designed jewellery piece is to start at the 11th hour. Starting with some time on your hands is the perfect way to go about things here. Routinely it will take you a couple of months for the design to complete, which is why you should have at least 3 months up your sleeves for the perfect design. Just imagine changing your mind halfway through and having to start over. Take into consideration all these delays before finalising when to start.

You can set your pace the way you want. There is no need to speed the process up, because the designing process is to be enjoyed and not taken as a duty. Enjoy it, make memories and create a ring that you can lay importance on down the line.

Tip 2: Consider Your Budget

While custom-designed jewellery doesn’t really have to mean something expensive, there are still some budgetary checks that you should run before starting the process. For starters, let your jeweller or designer know the kind of budget you have and are willing to work with. Being honest and up front with the expenditure can help you get a better estimate of what you can afford. A good designer will let you know the kind of jewellery you can afford within the budget, and how you should proceed. They will keep you within your range, while delivering the perfect results that you want.

While the rates for custom-made jewellery have significantly decreased in the last half-a-decade, they are still more than what you pay for pre-set jewellery. However, with the extra amount you pay, you get to decide exactly what kind of jewellery you want, and get to be a part of the design. This very feeling of crafting your jewellery yourself is priceless and helps you accentuate whatever part of it you feel is most important.

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Tip 3: Made to Order and Modified to Order

There are lot of routes and salient features involved in the creation of custom-designed jewellery, which your budget and the time you have on your hands will define.

Some jewellers offer a modified to order service, which isn’t exactly comparable to making the ring yourself from scratch, but isn’t far off from the concept. They give you hundreds of possible combinations, with different designs and precious metals. You can quite possibly make a unique piece exactly the way you want.

The more time-consuming and perhaps the purer version of getting your jewellery made yourself is to sit with the designer, overlooking the process from scratch, giving them instructions on every move and design.

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Tip 4: Choosing a Reputable Jeweller

You could have the time, money and design in mind, but with the absence of a reputable jeweller, all of that wouldn’t amount to much. They would understand what you want and give you the desired result.

But, how do you find one near you? How do you know that they are trustworthy? How can you initiate the process without wasting half of your time sifting through jewellers? Well, by going for reviews from people you know. Ask people for similar experiences and see what they say. Go for ones that have been tried and tested by friends and family before you.

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Tip 5: Be Involved

The whole idea behind making your own custom jewellery is to be involved. Now, you wouldn’t want to pay the extra sum for customisation and not give your input into the crafting process. Gear up to frequently visit the jeweller a couple of times every week. It is not uncommon for a buyer to show much interest during the crafting process. However, it certainly is uncommon for the buyer to not show any interest at all and leave the process entirely to the jeweller.

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Tip 6: Express Creativity and Be Imaginative

By choosing to make bespoke, custom-made jewellery, you’re using your freedom to create an entirely unique and extraordinary piece, never made before. While it’s unique to sift through different designs or guides to decide, and where you can experiment, you might want to put your own creativity to test here.

Be as creative as you possibly can be. Think of what determines and defines your relationship. Think of the precious pearls that correspond to these factors. Make a piece that is best in line with how you view each other and how you have plans for the future.

You can also use custom made jewellery on gemstones or pearls you have inherited from your parents. Make these gems are a part of your life, in a unique manner.

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Your jeweller will assist you during the process, but it will eventually all come down to your own creativity and imagination. Be creative with the design, and you might just end up with jewellery that you can prize for the rest of your lives.

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