Activewear – From Posh to Poor

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Activewear – From Posh to Poor

Spring has sprung, and some of you will be waking up from the winter hibernation and thinking it’s probably time to do something about the extra kilo or two you stacked on over the past few months!  Unfortunately, after closer inspection, we find that the gym gear we packed away when it got too cold to get out of bed early in the morning either doesn’t fit, is looking a little threadbare, or the moths and/or silverfish at the bottom of the drawer have had a feast!

Unless you have unlimited resources when it comes to gym gear, there needs to be a pecking order established about what are the most important articles of clothing or footwear to spend your hard earned dollars on.  Contrary to popular belief, having the latest and most expensive brands of tights and tops are not going to help shift the weight any quicker than something purchased at your local discount department store.  The gym is not a fashion forum, although I’m sure I will get more than a few naysayers on that one!  The most important thing when it comes to clothes is that they are comfortable, fit well, are easy to move around in and cover the bits you don’t want the other gym junkies to see.


There are a couple of important things to spend your money on that will be a huge benefit to you in your quest for fitness.  The first of these is footwear. Check out the old shoes you were wearing last year and if they are showing signs of wear, your feet are hurting when you take them off or you have aches and pains that are not normal for you, it is time to update.

Shoes that don’t fit well or are not suitable for the type of exercise you are doing could unhappily result in an injury, stopping your new found passion in its tracks. Visit a specialist sports store where you can have your shoes fitted by a professional and, with their help, choose a shoe to suit your style of exercise that will give you good support and prevent injuries. Go to the store at the end of the day as feet tend to swell and your shoes should be fitted at their largest and wear the socks you would normally wear. Correct fitting shoes will redistribute pressure and prevent injury. If you are still unsure, see a podiatrist for a specialist assessment.

Don’t wear your new shoes everywhere!!  Keep them just for the purpose they are intended and they will last much longer.  If your old shoes are only good for the bin, get yourself a cheaper, comfortable pair for the everyday stuff.


The other must-have item is a well-fitting sports bra with appropriate support. Our breasts need good support during exercise. Research has shown that some female breasts can move up to 21cm during exercise and, if left unsupported, repetitive motion can strain and stretch the Coopers Ligaments, the fibrous tissue that holds the breast up.  No-one wants saggy boobs, age and nature does that for us whether we like it or not!

Perhaps less well known is that unsupported breasts can also increase force exerted on the legs whilst running, affect breathing rate, lung capacity and body temperature regulation.  So, grab some of the money you saved by not buying designer tights and singlets and get yourself fitted properly for a good quality sports bra.  A good fitting sports bra may also increase performance and decrease the risk of injury elsewhere in the body.

Now that you are all set with the right gear, best of luck with your exercise goals and maybe when the budget allows you can splash out on some posh stuff.

What do you wear to your local gym?  Do you go all out to impress or do you not give a hoot and just wear what you are comfortable in?

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