How to Hold a Clothes Swap Party

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How to Hold a Clothes Swap Party


There comes a point in every woman’s life when you need to finally accept your old clothes will never fit you again. Even if they managed to come back in style, there is really no point in keeping them inside your closet when all they can do is remind you of your younger and leaner days. So, instead of hanging on to your past (and pants!), you could do well organizing a Clothes Swap Party.

If you have never heard of this kind of party, you will be pleased to know it is one party where you end up doing the three things you love to do most: shopping, gossiping and champagne drinking. The best thing of all is that there is no spending involved!

For those of you who think a Clothes Swap Party could be the best thing ever invented and throwing one of your own could be the best decision you will ever make, fashion-wise, then simply follow the steps below:

The Guest List

The key to a successful clothes swap party is actually the guest list. Be sure you invite friends who love clothes and know how to take care of them. There should really be no age limit or style preference as this party is the perfect place to be adventurous. But, you still have to make sure the guests are balanced out, in terms of sizes.

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The Invitation

Since practicality is the name of the game, there is really no need to send out formal invites. You can simply create one online and send it via email. The invitation should be contain all relevant details such as your address, date and time. You might also want to indicate the minimum number of items they should bring and if you want, you can even indicate a specific season. Also include a list of items which will not be included in the clothes swap party like used lingerie.

Keep in mind the rule of thumb is that about 60 percent will say “yes” but only 80 percent of this will actually show up.  Be sure to send out the invitation at least two weeks before the party to give your guests time to prepare the clothes they will be bringing. If you want them to bring something such as snack or drink, make sure it is indicated in the invitation.

 The Venue

It is crucial you make your home as clothes swapping-friendly as possible. For starters, request your guests to arrive at least an hour before the swapping starts to organize the items they brought. To save on space, set up racks where the clothes can be hung and tables where other items such as bags and shoes can be on display. There should also be dressing rooms with a full length mirror.

 The Food

It is certainly a better idea to serve food instead of asking the guests to bring some considering they will already be lugging the items they wish to swap. If you really do not want to serve an entire meal, you can simply set out a generous selection of chips, cheeses and fruits. It would not be a good idea to serve foods which could spill and soil the clothes. Of course, do not forget the bubbly!

 How It Works

The idea behind a Clothes Swap Party is simple. Your guests can go home with the same number of items they brought to the party. The clothes can be sorted according to their value and you could choose to hand out color-coded tickets or coupons for each item. Your guests simply have to choose from items under the same color-coding assignment.  It would be like shopping in a regular store, only you will not have to pay for anything. It is a fun and certainly cheap way, to revamp your closet!

After a successful Clothes Swapping Party, you can even choose to donate the leftover items to your favorite charity. You get to clean out your closet, acquire great items for free and help out people in need — all in one day!

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