Plain Gold Bands – Those Days Are Long Gone!

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Plain Gold Bands – Those Days Are Long Gone!

One of the best gift ideas for men who have just about everything is a ring.

A ring is a way of expressing just how much you adore your man. It is a very personal gift. A ring can be worn anywhere, anytime.

More and more men are enjoying having their own special piece of jewellery to wear; something unique and a symbol of unspoken ties to the woman in their life.

If you have been putting your brain into overdrive searching for the perfect gift for your man, we suggest you check out some of the latest in men’s rings. These are not just plain gold bands anymore, those days are long gone. In case you hadn’t noticed, men’s bands have evolved in design, style and even the materials they are made of.

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We think you’ll be more than a little impressed when you discover that men’s rings are now made of some truly precious metals other than gold and silver.  

Thinking of getting engaged?  Your man will love some of the unique engagement rings which combine a Tungsten or Titanium outer band with a coloured inner circle in blue or gold or even wood. These are so individual and striking and can also come in black Titanium. Black Titanium isn’t coated; the colour is specially blended into the metal so that it will never wear off.  

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And for those of you who are planning your wedding sometime soon, make sure the ring you give to your loved one is something he will treasure for life.  There are some truly gorgeous men’s wedding rings available.  Check out the two toned rings in Titanium with gold band inlays and single or triple simulated diamonds.

These are classy and a winning combination of metal and stones.

There are also Brushed Tungsten rings with or without simulated diamonds.  Your man will love the contemporary designs.

A little more on the metals….

Titanium is one of the most popular choices because it is lightweight, incredibly strong and more scratch resistant than gold, silver or platinum.

Tungsten is another great alternative to gold or silver. For those who prefer a little more weight, this is the toughest metal on earth, which makes it almost completely scratch resistant. This is a great choice for the guy who likes to get his hands dirty and get the job done.

And would you believe you can even buy ceramic rings now?

Not the sort of ceramic that usually springs to mind, this ceramic is Zirconia Ceramic and like Titanium, it is super lightweight and practically scratch proof. And for those who work with electricity, it is non-conductive, so safe to wear at work.

And if that isn’t enough choices for you, you simply must see the Hawaiian Koa Wood rings.

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Koa Wood is super lightweight and hypo-allergenic and it looks absolutely stunning inlaid in a polished metal or in its natural form with no other metal.

This is a great choice to represent a man’s individual philosophy and looks great for guys with lighter toned skin. Or if you have darker skin tones, Rosewood is a great alternative.

Check them out you won’t be disappointed.Plain Gold Bands Those Days Are Long Gone | Stay at Home

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