Cute Plus Size Shoes for Women

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Cute Plus Size Shoes for Women

Cute Plus Size Shoes for Women

I might not be plus size in fashion, but I have enormous feet and find it hard to find shoes in my size (skinny long feet!).  So here is where you will find all the larger and specialised sizes in shoes – that are still cute!

So if you have long feet, wide feet, flat feet, narrow feet or just big feet – we have a store that will cater to you!

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1. Styletread

I’ve bought quite a few pairs of shoes from Styletread now – I actually looked for ‘Bad Reviews’ for shoes that were too narrow – then went and purchased them – and they were damn perfect!  They have all the great brands, a huge range and most importantly – larger sizes!

Check out their range here >

2. Big on Shoes

  • Has ladies shoe sizes 5 – 16.
  • Offers Afterpay

Check out their range here >

3. Long Line Shoes

Long Line Shoes specialises in larger footwear for Men and Women, especially longer shoes.

  • Women’s sizes 10.5 – 14
  • Men’s sizes 13 – 17+

4. The Shoe Garden

  • Has women’s sizes 10 – 12

Based in Brisbane, The Shoe Garden has gorgeous shoes in sizes 10 and up,

Check out their range here >

5. Duo Boots and Shoes

Boots and shoes in an array of sizes and calf widths so that you never have to settle for anything less than perfection.

6. Angel’s Shoes

Angels Shoes was established in 1978 to cater to customers with ‘hard-to-fit feet’. We specialize in ladies large and wide fittings and mens large sizes.

7. Long Tall Sally

Find the ultimate large size shoe collection for large feet

8. A Shoe Addiction

Adorable heels, retro shoes and all-round cuteness in larger sizes!

Check out their range here >

9.  Asos

Asos is renowned for stocking larger sizing for women – and now they also stock a huge range of women plus size shoes.

Check out their range of Plus Size Women’s Shoes here >

We are adding to our list of Plus Size Women’s Shoes all the time – so don’t forget to bookmark this article and check back regularly for updates!

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