Runway of Dreams: Clothing Line For Kids with Disabilities

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Runway of Dreams: Clothing Line For Kids with Disabilities

For most of us, we enjoy the luxury of a wide fashion choices. Aside from their lifelong condition, people with disabilities face a hard reality of a limited clothing options, making them feel more estranged among their peers.

Why hasn’t this been done before?!?!

Mindy Scheier only wants the best for her children like all mums do. Having a son, Oliver, who was diagnosed with a rare condition of muscular dystrophy, she begins the quest of changing the fashion industry in providing stylish and functional clothing for kids with special needs.

She founded the organisation, Runway of Dreams, which aims  “to adapt mainstream, affordable clothing lines with wearable technology for the differently-abled community and… to change the fashion landscape so that it’s inclusive of everyone.” The organisation is forging new territory in the fashion industry especially when it collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on the brand’s first ever collection of adaptive clothing. 


Clothing Line For Kids with Disabilities

Her special clothing line has helped both female and male of various age and disabilities. These people have a common desire in life: to be normal and non-different as they can be. It doesn’t only help them wear clothes but it also helps those people who put on their clothes.

Clothing Line For Kids with Disabilities

One of her clients, a licensed clinical psychologist named Danielle who has spinal muscular atrophy, firmly believes that Runway of Dreams not only changed her life but it is changing the world:

 “Runway of Dreams is at the forefront of a revolution that’s starting to happen”¦ that will happen and change the way we look at disability in this country in a really positive way.”

 Finally, we’re doing it!

There are no impossibilities for people with disabilities.

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