If You’re Reading This, Throw Out Your Old Underwear Right Now

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If You’re Reading This, Throw Out Your Old Underwear Right Now

Nah. Just Kidding. It’s probably got another couple of decades in it yet. Am I right?

A popular TikTok making the rounds at the moment is telling women that they should toss out their underwear every six to nine months.

Why? According to TikTok user Kittychemist, not all bacteria and pathogens are removed during the washing process and apparently we are all just walking around in dirty undies even if they are just fresh out of the laundry basket.


Experts calling it a total load of BS!

The experts have thankfully rushed in to save our dirty little asses though and been left stunned that people believe their underwear has an expiration date.

“Somehow at six to nine months your underwear magically becomes some type of infectious catastrophe and that’s simply not the case,” Dr. Jen Gunter, author of The Vagina Bible: The Vulva and the Vagina: Separating the Myth from the Medicine, said in her own TikTok.

“When people tell you that you need to do really special things with your underwear, that is just an extension of purity culture. OK? It’s this idea that the vagina and vulva are delicate and the harbinger of sort of an infectious apocalypse and there’s all this sort of special maintenance. It’s not true at all.”

“There is no rule that says after six months, cut them and get new underwear.”

And that bleach mark from your vaginal discharge? Totally normal!

Vaginal shame

Too much vaginal shaming!

Dr Chavone Momon-Nelson, an OB-GYN at UPMC in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, told TODAY, there is so much vaginal shaming these days.

“You need to throw out your underwear now. You need to use this kind of spray. Now, you need to use these wipes. This is how you keep your vagina healthy.

“No. You keep your vagina healthy by just washing with soap and water.”

Keep it clean!

Doctors recommend that women do wear clean and dry underwear. Damp underwear can cause irritation, skin breakdown or infection.

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“As long as your underwear is clean “” and I typically advise cotton underwear “” and it’s washed with a detergent that should not be irritating to you, your underwear should be OK,” Dr Christine Greves, from the Center of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Orlando, told TODAY.

One study from the early 1990s looking at whether candida, which can cause yeast infections, lives in underwear after washing found that regular cleaning eliminated any candida on the underwear.

Women respond in hilarious disgust

The response on TikTok is pretty bloody hilarious.

Ashleigh Thiel’s response is the friggen bomb!!

“My underwear gets to a certain point and it just levels up to period undies. Level up bitch! It’s your time to shine!!!”

“I definitely don’t do that. Am I the only one? Did anyone know this nine month rule?”



#stitch with @kittychemist #victoriassecret #underweargate #tellmeimnotalone

♬ Level up your panties – Ashleigh Thiel

“I think I have underwear that’s probably a decade old!”


#duet with @ashleight819 #tellmeimnotalone #underweargate #victoriassecret comment below what do you do ??

♬ Level up your panties – Ashleigh Thiel

“As long as there are no holes and the elastic is working you are good to go!”

“Is that Victoria’s Secret?!”

So what do we think? How often do you purchase new underwear?

If Your're Reading This, Throw Out Your Old Underwear Right Now | Stay At Home Mum

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