11 Things You Can Wear When You’re Feeling Bloated As Hell

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11 Things You Can Wear When You’re Feeling Bloated As Hell

11 Things You Can Wear When You’re Feeling Bloated As Hell

As someone with multiple food allergies, I am perpetually bloated, so bloated that it is not uncommon for me to undo my the button on my jeans in the middle of a shopping centre, or even having to go home and change after eating because I am literally busting out of my skirt.

Whether you are affected by food intolerances or about to get your period, we all experience bloating from time to time and there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. If you need a little inspiration we are here to help.

Here is a list of all the best outfits to wear when you are feeling bloated..

1. The Smock Dress

It’s a classic, it’s versatile, it’s the smock dress! If you are feeling bloated, there is literally nothing more comfortable than a smock dress. It can be worn in the middle of summer or throw on some tights and boots and you’ve got yourself a super cute winter outfit too.

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2. High Waisted Linen Pants 

It’s official, linen is the go-to fabric this season! It is in stores everywhere, which is lucky for us because not only is it breathable for summer but it is perfect for when you are not feeling the best. High-waisted pants with an elastic waistband are everyone’s best friend, they are flattering and a dream to wear.

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3. Overalls 

Who doesn’t love a classic overall? Denim, corduroy, linen, silk, I’ll take them any way they come. When you are feeling uncomfortable there is nothing better than a good old pair of loose-fitting overalls with a cute t-shirt, crop top or anything you want underneath.

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4. High Waisted Drawstring Shorts 

Hight waisted drawstring shorts are perfect for those hot summer days when you are feeling flustered, you know the days I mean… the ones where you throw a tantrum in your room and everything ends up on the floor because it’s all too tight and makes you feel ANGRY! There are so many options too from linen to denim, even cute knits!

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5. Matching Sets

This summer is all about matching sets! Loosely tuck in a block colour button-up shirt with matching high waisted shorts and pants and you’ve got yourself a boss outfit that you can take from day to night and not have to worry about shifting uncomfortably in your seat, it’s basically like wearing pyjamas out of the house.

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6. Shift Dress

Shift dresses come in every style and fabric imaginable so there is something to suit everyone. They are perfect for a night out with boots or heels and look just as chic during the day with a pair of sandals.

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7. High Waisted Pleated Skirt

I have a high waisted pleated skirt that my best friend bought for me from Kmart on clearance for $2.00 and I literally wear it once a week. Every time I leave the house in it I get asked where it is from and people usually guess that is Seed or Country Road. Since she bought it I have invested in three more, they are so comfortable and can be worn with anything and they always make me feel really elegant even when I actually feel like total shit!

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8. Wrap Dress

If you want something that is fitted but has enough room for when you are feeling bloated, a wrap dress is perfect. A wrap dress provides a classic feminine cut that accentuates all of your favourite features without suffocating you in the process.

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9. Crinkle Crop Pants

These are my absolute go-to when I am feeling really bloated. They are perfect for work, a party, school drop off, coffee, anything. They have an elastic waistband and the satin is super flattering. They are perfect with a t-shirt, singlet, bodysuit or cami and can be worn with strappy heels, sneakers or boots. You just can not go wrong with Crinkle Crop Pants.

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10. Ruffled Skirt 

Ruffle skirts are so fun! They have elastic or drawstring waistbands and layers that are great for a bloated belly. They come in a range of patterns and materials so they can be matched with almost anything making them the perfect piece for your summer wardrobe.

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11. What Ever Makes You Happy

I used to spend so much money on clothes that I thought I should buy, outfits that would make me look like someone I was not. I would wear things that were so tight and uncomfortable because I thought that is what I was supposed to do. Now that I am older I just want to feel comfortable, in clothes that are practical, sustainable and most of all clothes that make me happy.

What clothes do you feel comfortable in when you are bloated?

11 Things You Can Wear When You're Feeling Bloated As Hell | Stay At Home Mum

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