What’s Hot in Engagement Rings for 2017What we think will be trending in 2017

Choosing the right type of engagement ring is a very personal experience.

Not only is your engagement ring a symbol of your love and upcoming union, but you are more than likely to be wearing it for the next 50 or so years.

Classic engagement rings like the single solitaire will always rank amongst the popular in earlier years, but what will all the brides be wearing in 2017? After all, this ring will be embellishing your hand for years to come. It is important that your engagement ring correctly displays your style and personality and an alternative design or a modern cut can just be as conspicuous as keeping up with tradition. Along with timeless styles, 2017 will be bringing in a variety of new and exciting trend for engagement rings to choose from.

What's Hot in Engagement Rings for 2017

Below are 6 engagement ring trends for 2017 that will help you to select the right engagement ring for your bride to be and ensure that she definitely says ‘Yes’ to your proposal.

Ornate Halo Engagement Ring

What's Hot in Engagement Rings for 2017 | Stay At Home Mum
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Halo settings have been popular for quite some time now and it is easy to see why. An ornate halo is a really personal way of making your engagement ring get noticed in a crowd. It normally consists of a row of sparkling gems that draw attention to the beauty of your centre stone and also makes it look much bigger. Nowadays, there are rings that have more of a designed halo as opposed to the uniform microwave halo which was common several years ago. Designers seem to be updating the design of the halo rings by making use of diamonds of various shapes and sizes. This adds some interest and makes the ring feel more traditional in style.

Black Diamond 

What's Hot in Engagement Rings for 2017 | Stay At Home Mum
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If you are looking for a guaranteed way of making your engagement ring stand out from a crowd, then a black diamond ring might just be the thing for you. Many modern brides are more attracted to a dark stone’s edgy look. Beyond their appealing look, black diamonds are normally associated with passion and assurance, making them an ideal choice for your engagement ring. With the combination of a pave halo classic design and a rose cut centre stone, choosing a black diamond engagement ring will feel very refreshing and completely surprise your bride to be.

Edwardian Style Engagement Ring

What's Hot in Engagement Rings for 2017 | Stay At Home Mum
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Edwardian engagement rings are loved for their feministic and intricate look. The use of lots of diamonds, platinum, colored gemstones, and various complex details are the hallmarks of the Edwardian era. The diamond rings of this era are beyond compare in their style and sheer delicacy of design and exquisite and unique details. Whether you would prefer a vintage inspired design or a handmade antique, it’s hard not to get drawn in by the peculiar charm of Edwardian engagement rings.

Opals Instead of Diamonds



An Opal engagement ring is a fascinating alternative to a diamond ring. This stunning stone has a rather mystical quality that can be attributed to the colourful hues that flash when the stone is reflected on a light source. The ring itself consists of twenty-nine dazzling diamonds on the band and halo with a double dose of bling. While the rings are commonly known for their unique beauty, opals are also associated with loyalty and love which are some of the main requirements of a long and happy marriage. Not many rings can compare to the pretty pear shaped opal as this gorgeous gem flashes green and peach in the light.

Stacks and Layers

What's Hot in Engagement Rings for 2017 | Stay At Home Mum
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Stacked engagement rings have been dazzling their way into the fingers and hearts of most brides to be over the past few years. They are making their way into more jewelry cases and seen on various celebrities’ fingers like Whitney Port and Kate Bosworth. One of the major appeals of stacked rings is their diversity and flexibility. Depending on the mood of the bride-to-be, this engagement ring can be worn as a standalone piece on the right hand or layered for a more powerful look. Come 2017, brides from all over the world will be saying “Yes, I will marry you” to stacks

Coloured Engagement Rings

What's Hot in Engagement Rings for 2017 | Stay At Home Mum
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Coloured stones were a major trend in 2016 and they will continue to be appealing to a lot of brides come next year as well. But in 2017, instead of a single coloured stone, designers will bring gemstone accents such as an emerald, diamond duo or pink diamond halo. Many colored gemstones including coloured diamonds are rarer than white diamonds and their meanings date back to thousands of years. It is very easy to fall in love with the look of a two stone ring and the addition of colour makes it feel more fun when wearing it.

Generally, though, if you love the ring, and your spouse-to-be loves the ring – go for it!

 These are all simply gorgeous, and I truly think we are seeing the most gorgeous engagement rings of any era – right now!

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