How to Make Bleach Shampoo to Lighten Your Hair Gently

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Application of bleach shampoo

Ideally, you should apply the bleach shampoo onto your hair when it’s damp, but isn’t dripping. Allow water to run over your head. Once your head gets properly drenched, cover it with a towel. Remove the towel after 10 minutes and your hair should be ready for undergoing the process. Here, it must be noted that if you are more comfortable with the idea of applying bleach shampoo on dry hair, you should stick to that process. Below are the steps of application:

Step 1: Cover your shoulder with an old piece of cloth or towel.

It would be good if you can wear an old t-shirt during application. Also, don’t forget to put on a pair of rubber or latex gloves for keeping your hands protected. If you don’t have gloves, apply the shampoo onto your hair using a brush.


Step 2: Start applying the shampoo from your hair tips and finish at the hair roots.

Cover all your hair like this. If there’s any shampoo mix left in the bowl, rub it onto your hair in the same way you rub any regular shampoo.

Step 3: Clip your hair nicely using plastic clips to allow the bleach to settle well onto your hair.

Secure your clipped hair further using a shower cap.

Step 4: Spray a little bit of water onto your hair in every 5 to 6 minutes.

This will also allow you to see whether your hair has become light enough or not. Usually, if your hair is already bleached, you will no longer need to keep the mix on your hair for more than 10 minutes. When you are trying to remove a dark hair dye, you may need to keep the bleach on your hair for more than 15 minutes, but don’t make the duration to be above 30 minutes.

Step 5: Once you see your hair get the desired colour, you will have to wash out the bleach.

Don’t hesitate to use enough water as it’s mandatory that your hair becomes absolutely free of the bleaching mix.

Did you have your hair bleached? Do you like it?

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