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8 Beauty Treatments That Will Have You Waking Up Looking FabulousLook Like A Rock Star Every Single Day

Ya’know, most mornings I look like a smashed crab when I get up. And I’m not really being hard on myself, it is the truth.

My hair sticks straight up in the air in a Jew-fro like formation. I have ‘no face’ because I haven’t coloured in my eyebrows (which are now grey!). I have no eyelashes to speak of because they too are not only short, but grey.


I sometimes envy women that seem to wake up in the mornings looking fabulous. Maybe that only happens in the movies and celebrity Instagram accounts… Anyhoo, there are a few treatments I sometimes get when I’m a bit cashed up so I can look ‘naturally’ (but artificially) decent at any time of day. Some are more on the expensive side, so have a look at see what might work for you!

1. Eyelash Tint

Oh yeah baby! I love the look of my eyelashes after getting them tinted. If you are having it done in a beauty salon, expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $35. The procedure involves applying a ‘tint’ to the eyelashes – and is usually left on the eyelashes for about 10 minutes. You have to keep your eyes shut because if it gets into your eyes, it stings like crazy.

The colour lasts six weeks, and to make it even cheaper for yourself, you can buy a DIY tinting kit at home, although it’s really better to do it with a friend as they can be tricky.

2. Eyebrow Tint

via DHgate.com
via DHgate.com


Like the eyelash tint, the eyebrow tint involves applying a colour to your eyebrows to make them more prominent on your face. Now, this is the perfect thing if (like me) your age is starting to show around your brows. At the salon, it costs about $15 – $25, but as with the eyelashes, you can buy a DIY kit and just do it yourself at home.

Remember, the key with eyebrows is that any colouring is going to accentuate them, so make sure they’re shaped and primed for the spotlight!

3. Eyebrow Wax and Tint

via Little Beautique
via Little Beautique


If you’re looking to give your eyebrows some new life, the best way to do it by far is with an eyebrow wax and tint. This two-for-one special is offered by many salons and usually comes in at around $15 each. Considering how much your eyebrows can change the look of your face, I certainly think it’s worthwhile. The wax plus the tint ensure your brows aren’t just shaped, but coloured to perfection.

4. Eyelash Extensions

via StyleCaster
via StyleCaster

Not everyone is genetically blessed with thick lashes, and for some ironic reason, men often have stunning lashes, while women aren’t so lucky. If you’ve got an event coming up or you just want to refresh yourself for a confidence boost, eyelash extension could be the way to go. These extensions are a great way to highlight and define your lashes.  Expect to pay anywhere between $90 and $200.

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