Self-Iso is the Perfect Time to Trial Period & Pee Proof Undies with ModiBodi

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Self-Iso is the Perfect Time to Trial Period & Pee Proof Undies with ModiBodi

ModiBodi: How Would You Like To Ditch Pads and Tampons FOREVER?

First, we started with pads (urgghhh). Then tampons. We now have menstrual cups and reusable sanitary products that are washable and good for the environment. But now there is a new kid on the block for alternatives to tampons. And they combine super nice underwear (that are really stretchy and soft) and feel nice on my butt, AND a solution for period and bladder leakage (which happens… to me… often….).

Modibodi Underwear Review

Modibodi is the brand and they are taking Australia by storm!. They produce practical and pretty period underwear that absorb your flow – then you just rinse and hang out – and you can wear over and over and over again. But they aren’t just a substitute for sanitary products, they are also made to absorb sweat, light bladder leaks, pregnancy discharge and breast milk leaks (that’s in the bra’s – not the undies – that would be, weird…).

So you are saving a fortune on sanitary products, and you have a nice pair of underwear.  #winning

Modibodi Underwear Review

They have five different sorts of period underwear – one pair is for your heavy period days (or if you do have bladder leakage – you will want these sort), and the others are for lighter days. The material is nice and breathable (a vag needs to breathe) and the pad part of the undies is really thin (only 3mm thick) – so it doesn’t feel like you have a mattress between your legs.

Examples of the ModiBodi Sensual Range:


View ModiBodi Underwear Range


They are Machine Washable

Meaning you just rinse them in the shower or in the sink after use, chuck them in the washing machine when you do the next load – hand, dry, re-use, repeat!

Modibodi Underwear Review

What I Think They’d Be Perfect For:

I think these would be brilliant for young girls that haven’t yet got their period and just want to be protected just in case, and for those of us that have very unregular periods. Plus sometimes I just hate using sanitary products, they tend to dry out your foo foo and no one wants that…..

Also for the gym, girls, we all get pubic sweat when we work out (gross fact…) – so the material will draw sweat away so we don’t get that awkward sweat line that makes us look like we wet ourselves….

Modibodi have a great line of Maternity Underwear (two words – pregnancy discharge) – they are super cute!

modibodi two


Will Modibodi garments feel any different to my current underwear?

The gussets of the Modibodi patented Modifier Technology™ underpants are super slim (3mm), they will feel only slightly different to your regular underwear. The gussets of our Modifier Air Technology™ underpants feel exactly like your favourite pair of underwear but they will perform so much better. Because most bras already come with extra padding around the bra cups/shelf, you shouldn’t notice any difference in the wear of our maternity singlets with patented Modifier Technology™.

Where can I get them?

Pop straight over to Modibodi to check out their range.  They even have a few ‘packs’ so you can get a great deal on all the pairs of Period Undies you need!

Modibodi’s empowered thousands of women globally to embrace their bodies, open their minds and along the way they’ve received rave reviews from high profile ladies including Rosie Waterland, Kimmy Smith, Bec Judd and Mia Freedman. If you’re still not convinced Modibodi offers a 30 day risk free trial period, contactless delivery, free shipping on orders over $100 and a 6-month product guarantee. Plus if you’re a first time customer and sign up to their mailout you get 10% off! So why not use your self isolation to treat yourself and the planet, save money and free yourself from tampons and pads!

Modibodi Underwear | Stay at Home Mum

More ModiBodi Reviews?

Read these online Modibodi reviews – don’t just take my word for it!

“I love my undies.  I’ve ordered far too many colors and styles now because I couldn’t narrow down my favourites, comfy, well made, convenient, great for the environment and money saving in the long run.  So so quick with orders, just mind blowing really.”

ModiBodi Review Via Product

I’ve recently become a convert of these undies.  They look just like normal undies and are very comfortable, far, far more comfortable than using pads or liners for sure!  But the best bit is the relief from worrying about leaks.

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